Established in 1965 in Croswell, Michigan, the Conveyor Components Company offers numerous products for conveyors: Conveyor controls, including safety stop switches, pull cords, belt alignment controls, damaged belt/belt-rip detectors, and material-flow controls; motion controls, including contact and non-contact zero speed controls and speed monitors; level controls, including paddle wheel switches, tilt level probes, and bin aeration pads; and conveyor belt cleaners.


Belt Conveyor Cleaners

CCC Cleaner.pngMaintain optimal performance of belt conveyors with effective, high-performance cleaning tools, components, and accessories, including belt cleaners, brushes, and replacement bristle strips.

Bin Level Indicators

CCC Monitor.png


Bin level indicators provide reliable point level detection and measurement of dry bulk solids in bins, tanks, silos, hoppers, and material conveyors, supporting inventory management for storage and processing of such materials.


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