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OLI is an international leader in industrial vibration technology, providing clients around the world with industrial pneumatic vibrators, electric and hydraulic vibratory motors, concrete consolidation, frequency converters, and a vast range of related products designed to adapt vibrators to multiple applications in a wide range of market segments.


Rotary Electric Industrial Vibrators for Bins, Hoppers, Chutes, and Vibratory Equipment

Industrial vibrators are designed to facilitate the flow of wet or dry materials in bins, hoppers, molds, chutes and pipes, hopper cars, bulk trailers, and trucks. The right vibrator will maintain the proper movement of material by reducing both the coefficient of friction between the bulk material and the structure's walls and the bulk material's particle-to-particle cohesion and interlocking. The wrong vibrator can compound the handling problem by compacting the material, damaging the structure being vibrated, wasting energy, and creating unwanted noise.

High-Frequency Vibrators & Converters for Concrete Consolidation

High-frequency (1,200 to 6,000 VPM variable speed; 6,000 and 9,000 VPM fixed speed) concrete vibrators are simple, long-lasting, and offer an economical way to provide proper vibration to concrete forms. Many models require no lubrication, are low maintenance, and can be run either vertically or horizontally. Because you’ll need a reliable, efficient way to power your concrete vibrators, AIRMATIC offers a selection of frequency inverters that can power several of these concrete finishing tools simultaneously – meaning you have fewer pieces of equipment to think about. From single-phase (230V/1Ph/60Hz) to three-phase (400V/3Ph/60Hz) asynchronous vibratory motors, we’re sure to have the model that best fits your appearance and weather-resistance production needs. 

AIRMATIC Understands Applied Vibration

Industrial vibrators play vital roles in numerous sectors of industry — manufacturing, concrete construction, mining, food processing, recycling, and much more. Since we also have long played a role in all these industries, we know industrial vibrators well. Count on us for the critical insight and knowledge that can help you make the right decisions on industrial vibrators for your operation.

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