BN Products has manufactured power tools and related equipment for the concrete construction market since 1976. The company’s products include manual, electric, and cordless rebar cutters, portable and stationary electric and electro-mechanical rebar benders, and portable and stationary combination rebar bender/cutter equipment. BN also offers cutting saws, bolt cutters, and hand-held power mixers. The company is based in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Rebar Cutters

Rebar cutters are among the most important tools in rebar preparation, enabling works to size and cut rebar and strand as quickly, easily, and safely as possible.

Cutting Edge Saws

Cutting EdgeTM Saws from BN Products are great for cutting a variety of tough materials, including rebar, all-thread rod, coil rod, EMT conduit, pipe, tubing, and more. The saws are designed to emit minimal sparks and leave the cut material burr-free and cool to the touch.

Rebar Benders

Rebar benders enable workers to readily manipulate rebar into any shape required quickly and economically with minimal risk of injury.

Rebar Cutter/Bender Combo Units

Rebar cutter/bender combo units from BN Products combine two popular and effective tools into one heavy-duty housing to support exceptional ease and flexibility when working with rebar.

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