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Operations large and small can save time and money by improving the measurement accuracy and level detection and control of powders and bulk solids in bins, silos, and hoppers. The right investment in bin level detection and control can also improve plant safety by reducing risk to workers who physically monitor bin levels under challenging conditions.

A bin level indicator (also referred to as a bin level sensor) is a device or system used to measure and monitor the level of a stored powder or bulk solid material in a bin, silo, hopper, or other container used as part of a bulk material handling process.

There are two major categories of bin level indicators available: The first offers continuous level measure and management. These indicators report bin status on a real-time basis, enabling just-in-time replenishment. The second offers point level control. This bin level indicator category provides simple alerts to prevent bin overfill or empty conditions.

We represent the industry leaders in bin level detection, level measurement, and level monitoring. We offer the most comprehensive line of quality bin level indicators available anywhere. In addition, our inhouse expertise in bulk solids-handling products and services allows us to provide you with the comprehensive advice you need to choose the right approach to optimizing your operation.

Talk with us about how you might enhance safety, prevent bin overflows or product shortages, and improve your bulk solids inventory management.


  • Enhance safety
  • Prevent overflows or product shortages 
  • Improve your bulk solids inventory system
  • Highly accurate level measurement 
  • Support just-in-time replenishment
  • Save time and money
  • Energy efficient
  • Simple installation and maintenance

Common Applications

  • Baking & Snack Ingredients
  • Biofuels
  • Chemicals
  • Coal
  • Wood Products
  • Fly Ash
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Salt & Minerals

Types of Bin Level Indicators & Flow Detectors

Point Level Indicators

Point Level Indicators send an alert when the material reaches a particular level, helping to prevent bin overflow. Includes rotary paddles, capacitance probes, diaphragm switches, tilt level sensors, vibrating rods, and all related accessories.

Continuous Level Sensors

Continuous bin level inventory management equipment will report bin status on a real-time basis, enabling just-in-time replenishment and optimal efficiency for operators. Technologies available include ultrasonic and radar bin level sensors, non-contact 3D scanners, cable-based bobs, and lasers. Applications include baking and snack ingredients, biofuels, cement and aggregates, chemicals, coal, wood products, fly ash, pharmaceuticals, plastics, pulp and paper, and salt and minerals.

Plugged Chute Detectors

Plugged chute detectors alert operators when the flow of a bulk solids chute is obstructed, using audio and visual signals. This alert lets you address the issue in a timely manner, and can be used in tandem with flow aid devices to keep your facility running efficiently.

Bulk Solids Flow Detectors

Flow sensors and detectors alert users if the flow status of solids or powders changes, power is lost, or communication is interrupted. Systems consist of a remote sensor probe mounted in either a gravity chute, or feeder, and a control console mounted in an area accessible to users. 

Why Airmatic?

Among the hundreds of products we offer to assist with bin level indication and flow detection, you’re sure to find what you need to improve or correct your circumstances. Equally important is the expertise that you’ll get when you consider buying from us.

When you have questions or need advice, you can consult with expert professionals who are far more than salespeople. Our team includes engineers who can talk with you or your experts knowledgeably. You can also turn to us with confidence for installation, maintenance, or repair of the products you purchase from us.

In short, we are far more than a distributor at AIRMATIC. We are a solution provider.

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