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Repair & Rebuilding

We are Industrial Tool Repair Specialists

With 80 years of experience in power tool repair and rebuilding, AIRMATIC can repair all makes and models of portable pneumatic, electric and hydraulic industrial and construction tools and equipment. Send AIRMATIC Chipping Hammers, Paving Breakers, Rebar Cutters, Impact Wrenches, Rock Drills, Grinders, Concrete Vibrators, Industrial Vibrators, Vibratory Motors & Drives, MAX® Rebar Tiers, and Kodi Klip guns and we will inspect, issue an estimate, and repair or replace your tool. Because of our large inventory of replacement parts, many tools—including some obsolete ones—are returned within a week.

Why Choose AIRMATIC for Tool Repair?

For most companies, outsourcing tool repair is a simple matter of economics. Choosing AIRMATIC Tool Repair means you do not have to maintain a trained staff of mechanics. It also frees up cash flow and time otherwise tied up in parts inventory, repair facilities, specialized training, tooling, testing equipment and paperwork.

Tools kept in peak operating and safe condition have a direct effect on your bottom line. Production increases and downtime costs decrease. Morale and job satisfaction also improve because operators know their tools will work like new. Experience proves that when workers feel appreciated, they will also handle their tools and equipment more carefully.

AIRMATIC Tool Repair allows you to take advantage of specialized expertise and facilities dedicated solely to repairing or rebuilding power tools. Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment such as laborsaving cleaning and finishing equipment, automatic parts degreasers, pressure-blast cleaners, sophisticated testing instruments and gauges, and specially designed repair station fixtures. We repair tools more efficiently than if you did the work yourself and there is greater accountability.

As specialists in the field, AIRMATIC personnel are factory-trained and certified to repair industrial and construction power tools and many of the nation’s largest tool manufactures appoint AIRMATIC as their authorized service center. Management continuously monitors tool repair procedures and finished product performance. AIRMATIC records all repair work on every tool for future reference. We always know, and can tell you, exactly what service we performed on any tool during its lifetime.

Expert Attention from Start to Finish

Our process:

  • An AIRMATIC technician disassembles and inspects the tool and prepares an estimate.*
  • The technician cleans the entire disassembled tool.
  • If necessary, sandblasting removes rust, surface finishing, and scale to expose hidden defects.
  • The technician receives parts from inventory and reassembles the tool.
  • Technicians test the tool against new tool specifications.
  • Repaired tool is re-painted and shipped.

* In most instances, if the estimate exceeds 50% of the cost of replacement we do not recommend repairs. AIRMATIC can supply a replacement tool in these situations.

AIRMATIC technicians inspect and test all repaired tools in accordance with American National Standard Institute (ANSI) guidelines. Testing equipment calibration is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

Tool Repair Warranty

AIRMATIC’S warranty is a guarantee against defects in material or workmanship regardless of the date the unit leaves our shop.

All warranty claims are subject to our examination of the unit claimed to be defective and is contingent upon proper use in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions. It does not apply to equipment subjected to misapplication, misuse, negligence, accident, or tampering in any way that affects its normal performance.




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