Established in 2014, Syntron Material Handling was built out of the legacies of Link-Belt Company and Syntron Company, providing it with more than 140 years of experience in bulk material handling. The company is based in Saltillo, Mississippi, and is dedicated to supplying its customers with complete material handling solutions.


Electromagnetic Vibrators

Syntron Electromagnetic Vibrators are designed for moving materials from bins, hoppers, chutes, and silos, and are designed to prompt and maintain the free flow of materials for years and years. They are ideal for either continuous or intermittent operation. Easily adjustable vibrator controls ensure optimum and variable material flow. The vibrators are virtually maintenance-free as the electromagnetic design eliminates moving parts. Most models come with fully-enclosed, dust-tight, watertight construction standard.

Rotary Electric Vibrators

Syntron rotary electric vibrators provide a safe, reliable, cost-effective way to maintain the flow of materials. Motor-driven to provide virtually noiseless operation (most models 76 db or less), they can help facilitate material flow from the smallest bin, hopper, or chute to the largest silo, screens, feeders, grizzly feeders, conveyors, fluid beds, shake-outs, helical elevators, etc. In addition, they are completely enclosed, eliminating concerns over environmental factors like dust, dirt, and rain. High stroke, low frequency models are especially suitable for hard-to-handle materials like sawdust, cinder, or clay content materials.

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