AIRMATIC’s SERVICE GROUP provides expert installation, maintenance, and fabrication services throughout the New England and Middle Atlantic states for all the bulk material handling products that AIRMATIC offers. The Service Group’s mechanics, technicians, and managers are committed to meeting six key product performance standards:

  1. Overcoming the customers’ difficulty (due to staffing, expertise, or budget) in doing the work themselves
  2. Extending the life of customers’ equipment
  3. Getting products to perform to specifications
  4. Teaching the customer how to effectively use products to achieve lower maintenance costs, increased productivity, and a safer, cleaner work environment
  5. Obtaining customer feedback on the quality and acceptability of our products in terms of design, materials, operations, etc.
  6. Serving as an arbitrator in warranty disputes between our customers and our suppliers

At AIRMATIC, we take pride in offering industry-leading baghouse cleaning services designed to optimize the performance and regulatory compliance of dust collection systems to customers in the Middle Atlantic and New England states. With a commitment to excellence, our team of experts specializes in providing comprehensive solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency, but also ensure environmental compliance. As a trusted partner, we understand the critical role your baghouse plays in maintaining a clean and safe working environment, and our suite of services is tailored to meet the unique needs of your facility.

Our Dust Management professionals are expert in reducing and even eliminating the problems, hazards, and costs associated with dust in the agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and utility industries, as well as assuring compliance with all relevant OSHA, MSHA, and EPA rules and guidelines. Start with a comprehensive dust collection assessment and then let us help you effectively address any issues to ensure that dust is not negatively impacting your operation’s cleanliness, safety, or efficiency.

Our Field Service teams specialize in improving the efficiency, cleanliness and safety of bulk material-handling systems. Our experienced Field Service Managers, Engineers, and Service Technicians are trained in CEMA- and Martin FOUNDATIONS™-recommended technologies that deliver both operating and maintenance savings, and in OSHA/MSHA compliance in the loading, moving and discharging of bulk solids conveyed or stored in bins and silos.

Our Shop Service team repairs pneumatic, electric and battery-operated rebar power tools, railcar gate openers, and pneumatic, electric and hydraulic industrial and concrete vibrators. Our Technicians are factory-trained by some of the world’s leading manufacturers, and therefore, we disassemble, repair/rebuild, assemble and test in accordance with the OEM’s technical and safety procedures using OEM Parts, and state-of-the-art diagnostic and test equipment.

Our Silo Cleaning teams utilize an arsenal of outside-the-bin, remotely-operated tools and equipment for the fast, safe elimination of blockage or build-up problems that cause, among many problems, a reduction of flow rates and live storage capacity. Many of our Silo Clean-Out customers also contract us to perform inspection services to plan for the regular preventative maintenance work that preclude more expensive repairs and ensure the vessel’s structural integrity.

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