Posi-Flate manufactures unique inflatable seat butterfly valves that employ air pressure rather than friction to create a seal. Used in moving dry, liquid, and slurry materials in the cement, pharmaceutical, chemical, foundry, and coal industries, Posi-flate valves require less torque and a smaller actuator, resulting in less wear and a longer life. The company is based in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Butterfly Valves

Unlike valves that seal with friction, Posi-Flate's unique butterfly valve uses an inflatable seat to create a seal with air pressure. As a result, it requires less torque and a smaller actuator, resulting in lower overall valve cost. Plus, the seat automatically compensates for wear, providing for longer valve life. Posi-Flate® Butterfly Valves use as little as 100 PSI air pressure to expand the valve's inflatable seat, completely surrounding the disc. This makes them the perfect, economical choice when you’re looking for isolating valves that control or regulate the flow of powders, bulk solids, slurries, and gases. Other benefits include more seal contact area, ultra-low torque requirements, no disc impingement, lower actuator costs, and a disc design that prevents material build-up.

Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are ideal for the operation of 90º-turn devices such as butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, damper valves, and other devices. AIRMATIC’s actuators feature easily removable end caps and modular spring packs to simplify the conversion from double-acting to spring-return configuration. Special piston seals provide greatly extended life compared to standard O-ring actuators. All other bearings, seals, and components have been engineered to provide superior and extended service lives.

AIRMATIC Understands Valves and Actuators

At AIRMATIC, we stock scores of valves and actuators, and have for decades. We also maintain close relationships with manufacturers that lead the field in quality and innovation in valves and actuators. You’re not likely to find more expertise in any one place than you’ll find with us.

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