Italvibras is an Italian company with more than 60 years of experience in industrial rotary electric vibrators used to help powders and bulk solids flow, and vibratory motors to drive vibrating conveyors, feeders, and shakers. The company’s line of rotary electric vibrators and motors is known for its advanced engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and highest-quality components. A variety of options are available which ensure that whatever your application, you can find an effective solution from Italvibras. Its U.S. operations are based in Princeton, Illinois. The company also has subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and the United Kingdom. AIRMATIC has been warehousing and selling Italvibras vibrators and motors for 40 years.


Foot Mount Vibrators & Motors

Foot mounted electric rotary vibrators generate vibratory force by producing waves of energy from a shaft-mounted set of adjustable, unbalanced weights rotating within a cylindrical housing to provide reliable, consistent speed and force output. The heavier the weights, and the faster the weights rotate, the greater the vibratory force output. 

Flange Mount Vibratory Motors

Flange mounted vibratory motors are fully interchangeable with wedge-mount, single- or double-flange-mount, or waist-mount vertical vibrators. They're useful with circular screens, sieves, round separators, and other finishing machines.

Cradle Mount Electric Vibrators

High frequency electric vibrators are used in precast concrete plants to create products that meet appearance and weather resistance requirements.

Mechanical Force Exciters

Mechanical force exciters are used for vibrating conveyors, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, vibrating classifiers, dewaterers, and grizzly separators. Variable speed controlled by frequency inverter. Powered by electric motor, hydraulic motor, or belts and pulleys.

AIRMATIC Understands Applied Vibration

Industrial vibrators play vital roles in numerous sectors of industry — manufacturing, concrete construction, mining, food processing, recycling, and much more. Since we also have long played a role in all these industries, we know industrial vibrators well. Count on us for the critical insight and knowledge that can help you make the right decisions on industrial vibrators for your operation.

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