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Maintaining a dust-free environment reduces threats to worker health, improves visibility around dangerous equipment, and supports compliance with emissions regulations. Dust control also reduces housekeeping, maintenance, and equipment downtime and repair. In some cases, it even allows the reclamation of valuable product. Every industrial operation that generates dust is looking for affordable, effective dust control or dust suppression systems, and that’s where we can help. AIRMATIC can help you manage dust in three areas:

Processes involving the venting or displacement of air, such as bag filling or the filling of silos.

Dust-generating processes like crushing, drying, screening, mixing, blending, bag unloading, and railcar loading.

Transfer points of conveying systems.

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  • Dust control systems can be used as individual, stand-alone products or in combination to create a complete industrial dust management system
  • Options designed for extreme environmental conditions 
  • Custom systems for various industry applications
  • Easy to maintain and replace filters 
  • Configurable for various mounting options and container sizes


  • Save time and money on dust management with more efficient systems
  • Reduce emissions and contribute to a cleaner, safer environment
  • Prevent equipment damage from dust and fumes 
  • Improve visibility within your facility 
  • Improve health and safety hazards caused by dust

Common Applications:

  • Dust control systems are effective for:
    • Transfer points of conveying systems where material falls while being transferred to another piece of industrial equipment (i.e. the discharge of one conveyor to another, storage bin, or bucket elevator)
    • Specific processes such as crushing, drying, screening, mixing, blending, bag unloading, and railcar or truck loading
    • Operations involving the displacement / venting of air such as bag filling, palletizing, or filling of silos
  • Protects against:
    • Welding smoke
    • Fumes
    • Dust
    • Airborne contaminants 
    • Sawdust
    • Oil mist 

Types of Dust Collection & Dust Suppression Systems

Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collection Systems minimize air velocity by pulling air and dust out of the material handling system and increasing the particle size of airborne dust by forcing particles to agglomerate before being deposited back into the material stream. The WAM® SILOTOP® for venting pneumatically filled bins or silos, the WAM® HOPPERJET® for venting mechanically filled hoppers, separate dust from the airflow and drops it back into the silo or hopper to reclaim valuable materials. 

Broken Bag Detectors for Dust Collection

Broken Bag Detectors provide reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries. They are used in a wide variety of applications where detection of dust levels is critical to safety, maintenance, equipment operation, plant efficiency, and/or the environment.

Dust Emission Monitors

Monitor levels of dust emissions to support sustainability efforts and regulatory compliance. Continuously measure particulates of various concentrations within your dust collection system.

Passive Dust Control

Passive dust controls enclose airborne dust to reduce air velocity, minimizing air drawn into the transfer point, and sealing leaks that allow dust to escape. 

Dust Suppression Systems

Dust suppression systems reduce or eliminate dust at its source by increasing the weight and cohesiveness of dust particles by combining the particles with droplets of fluid.

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