Established in 1953 and ISO certified, BinMaster manufactures solid-state, point and continuous bin level indicators and inventory control systems and sensing and monitoring devices. This equipment is typically used in the conveyance, storage and processing of powder and bulk solids like cement and aggregates, chemicals, feed and grain, food, plastics, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, and wood products. The company is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.



Point Level Indicators

A point level indicator alerts you when material stored in a vessel contacts the instrument. It’s wired to an alarm, light, or control panel to signal a high or low level or to start or stop a process. High level indication lets you fill vessels to capacity without overfilling. Low level indication prevents dry runs, production delays, or leaving an ingredient out of a batch process. Technologies include rotary level switches, capacitance probes, vibrating probes, rods, and forks, diaphragm switches, and tilt switches. Compact and easy to wire, indicators can be installed incrementally in a few vessels at a time without a huge investment in time or money.

Dust Detection

Dust detection devices continuously monitor particulate matter emissions through an air filtration system and alert you when levels meet a preset threshold. As part of a baghouse leak detection system, this continuous particulate monitor protects employee safety by noting particulate levels that exceed regulatory standards. Dust detection devices are also commonly used as broken bag detectors and to detect leaks in cartridge filters, bin vents, dust collectors, and industrial cyclones.


Aeration devices keep finely ground powders and solids flowing so they don’t pack up in hoppers, along bin walls, or in the cone of the vessel. The Airbrator from BinMaster combines aeration and vibration to address difficult material flow applications such as fly ash, cement, flour, lime, sand, salt, or food-grade applications. Diffuser air pads help promote material flow by preventing compaction and encouraging material to behave fluidly for easier handling.

Flow Detection

BinMaster’s flow detection devices offer a solution to material cross-contamination problems by using Doppler technology to communicate flow or no-flow status to the user. BinMaster’s single-piece flow detector has a non-intrusive, flush-mounting design and non-contact operation to eliminate flow stream interruption and reduce equipment wear.

Continuous Level Indicators

Continuous level measurement indicators or sensors note the level of material in bins, tanks, or silos over the full span of the vessel. They report inventory over time using software or display consoles. Types of sensors include weight‐and‐cable, 3D scanners, guided‐wave radar or TDR sensors, open‐air radar, laser, and ultrasonic continuous level sensors. To select a sensor, know how accurate you want the measurements to be and how often you need them. You should also know where the inventory data will be accessed and how it will be shared.

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