ATS Electro-Lube has been manufacturing and selling Electro-Lube automatic electronic lube dispensers worldwide for more than 30 years. Its original Electro-Luber was the world’s first self-contained lubrication device. All ATS products are designed to be reliable in the most difficult and hazardous locations in the industrial world. The company is located in British Columbia, Canada.

Automatic Lubrication Systems

Missed lubrication is a leading reason for equipment failures across industries. Automatic lubrication systems solve the problem, keeping constant pressure and positive, fresh lubrication on bearing points while keeping moisture and other contaminants out. In addition, automatic lubrication systems can be relied on to deliver precisely the right amount of lubricant required (never too much or too little). Your options in automatic lubrication systems include single-point, multi-point, and refillable units. They come in varying sizes. Some are specially designed for use at high altitudes or even under water.

Single Point Lubrication Systems

Single point automatic lubricators from ATS use an electro-chemical reactor cell that converts electrical energy into safe, inert nitrogen gas. The gas is contained in a hermetically sealed bellow-type gas chamber. As the gas is produced, internal pressure builds up in the bellows and is applied against a piston. The piston then forces the lubricant out of the cylinder and into the point of lubrication. 

Multi Point Lubrication Systems


The ULTIMATE-LUBER™ is a powerful, multi-point automatic lubricator featuring a microprocessor-controlled, energy-efficient motor that delivers grease to a fixed-displacement pump, producing pressures over 1000psi. A single unit can act as a mini central-lube system feeding up to 12 different points.

Automatic Lubricator Accessories


Accessories available for automatic lubricator systems include adapters, tubing & fittings, batteries & power sources, automatic lubricator control units, lubrication distribution blocks, mounts, and brackets.

AIRMATIC Understands Automatic Lubrication Systems

Having long worked with the first company to employ self-contained auto luber technology, as well as many of the industries that heavily rely on the technology to maximize equipment uptime, we at AIRMATIC are well prepared to talk with you about how your plant or operation could benefit.

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