Located in Plainview, New York, Max USA Corp is the distribution arm in North, Central, and South America of Max Co. ltd., which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. A leading international manufacturer of high-end industrial tools, Max USA developed the world’s first battery-powered rebar tying tool. Since then, the company’s ongoing innovations have revolutionized rebar tying around the world.


Rebar Tying Tools

Max USA Corp invented rebar tying tools to improve efficiency in looping, cutting, and twisting tie wire around intersections of reinforcing bars. They work faster and produce more uniform ties than manual rebar tying. They also reduce the risk of worker injury.

Rebar Tie Wire

Max OEM rebar tie wire, or tying wire, available in 3 sizes and 4 finishes to meet any application, will provide the greatest speed, reliability, and tying tightness.

Rebar Cutters

Among the most important tools in rebar preparation, rebar cutters allow workers to size and cut GR-60 rebar and strand as quickly and readily as possible.

Rebar Tier Accessories

Refine your processes with rebar tying accessories designed to support speed, accuracy, quality, longevity, and efficiency of your Max rebar tiers in various applications.

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