Minnich Manufacturing was founded in 1968 and has since grown to become an industry leader in the production of flex shaft, high cycle, electric, and hydraulic interval concrete vibrators; vibration tachometers; concrete dowel-pin drivers; and vibrator monitoring systems. The Minnich family takes pride in its private, family-run business and continues to be dedicated to producing high-quality, long-lasting products served up along with first-rate, around-the-clock customer service. Minnich is based in Mansfield, Ohio.


Flex Shafts & Vibrator Heads

These are the most popular concrete vibrator among contractors for consolidation as the flexible shaft makes the tool portable and more convenient to use. They are best used for vertical pours such as structural walls, foundations, and pillars. Minnich offers several flex-shaft vibrator options and configurations. 

Internal Concrete Motors

Internal concrete vibrators work well in paving applications such as roads, highways, and airport runways. Minnich’s vibrators use a specially designed Minnich three-gear motor that provides hydrostatic balance for longer motor life and greater starting torque. 

High Cycle Vibrators

High cycle vibrators work similarly to flex shafts, but the power source is a high-frequency 3-phase generator or power conversion box. Uniform speed is important for producing uniform results, even as the concrete load changes. As the concrete gets deeper, the load gets heavier, so high-cycle vibrators are often used for deep pours. Minnich’s high-cycle vibrators are designed for productivity and safety, and to fit into tighter forms and rebar spacing. 

AIRMATIC Understands Industrial Vibrators

Industrial vibrators play vital roles in numerous sectors of industry— construction, mining, food processing, recycling, and much more. Since we also have long played a role in all these industries, we know industrial vibrators well. Count on us for the critical insight and knowledge that can help you make the right decisions on industrial vibrators for your operation.

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