Based in Pella, IA, PPI manufactures high-performance and innovative conveyor products. These products include pulleys and idlers, take-up frames, bearings, and sanitary conveyor components for companies in the hard rock, aggregate, cement, grain, forestry, power, package and unit handling, coal, and contract manufacturing industries. PPI operates eight manufacturing plants, each committed to providing the highest quality products with the shortest lead times in the industry.



PPI produces pulleys for all conveyor applications, including Drum Pulleys, Wing Pulleys, and Herringbone Wing Pulleys®. Explore the multiple options designed to help you keep your conveyor system running. 

Pulley Accessories

Looking for pulley accessories? The PPI line includes quality bushings, keyless locking assemblies, and shafting, as well as apron feeder shafts typically used in copper, gold, cement, and other types of mining operations to provide superior reliability.

Pulley Assembly

PPI is your source for conveyor pulley assemblies that deliver maximum efficiency and added value. PPI can provide pulley lagging, shafting, bearings, and take-up frames to complete the pulley package. Couplings, backstops, and other components can also be mounted upon request.


PPI offers multiple options for lagging. They can eliminate seams where failures often start and improve traction to extend pulley and belt life. Some are designed to be field replaceable and so are ideal for pulleys in locations where removal and replacement is difficult. Another option is an easy to install wing pulley lagging system providing additional traction on the belt and protection for the contact bars.


PPI's full line of Idlers is designed to meet or exceed CEMA requirements for load, life, and dimensions. All are built for long, trouble-free life with no need for greasing. Choose from more than a dozen options, including idlers designed specifically for the grain industry and channel inset idlers for low profiles and tight clearance areas.

Idler Accessories

Numerous types of idler accessories are available to help your operation run more smoothly, protect personnel, protect the belt, reduce wear, and control dust. The wide range available from PPI includes basket roller guards, belt saver brackets, hourglass guide rollers, pipe conveyor panels, poly idler roller coverings, return roller cages, return roller guards, return training brackets, and structure guards. Click through to get the details.

Idler Specialty Products

Look to PPI for specialty products that provide you with more options for improving and customizing your conveyor system. That includes devices designed to ease maintenance, reduce material carry-back, defend against wear, facilitate easy assembly and tear down, and support hard to access applications. Shop for a variety of rollers, idlers, transition equal troughers, and more.

Belt Tracking Products

Because not all belt-tracking issues respond equally well to the same component meant to address them, PPI offers multiple approaches. Consider guide rollers, V-returns, inverted V-returns, trainers, trackers, side guide rollers, and a variety of self-aligners and find your solution.

Conveyor Covers

Protecting the belt as well as the bulk materials is important in the conveying industry. That’s why PPI offers conveyor covers. Built of galvanized steel, they will stand up to a multitude of environmental challenges. Choose full or three-quarter coverage.

Conveyor Monitoring Equipment

Conveyor Monitoring Equipment from PPI will help you to always keep things moving as they should. Options include the patented Smart Roll, a conveyor belt monitor designed with a proximity sensor; the Speed Switch, which features an innovative magnetic coupling system designed for conveyor monitoring; the Vayeron Rolls with Vayeron Smart-Idler® technology to predict and report idler failure; and the PPI Watch Dog, a timer relay designed to monitor a pulse stream received from a speed monitoring device.

Take-Up Frames

Take-Up Frames eliminate the need for additional take-up supports and enable load distribution. PPI offers a number of different styles and options, including those designed specifically for light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty.

Impact Beds

PPI Impact Beds are available in a variety of designs and configurations. The EZ Slider provides a variety of loading zone options and impact absorption for light to medium duty loads. PPI’s medium duty Slider Bed is a cost-effective solution combining impact absorption and belt support while promoting a tight seal against your skirting system. PPI’s Spring Impact Roll offers an impact solution that will adjust and flex as materials are being loaded on the belt. Finally, the True Impact System from PPI combines a proven impact roll along with a center support system, allowing for a double action dampening system. This addresses both the problem of sealing skirt boards and the impact on the belt.

Sanitary Conveyor Components

PPI is a premier manufacturer of sanitary conveyor components for the food processing industry. Their product offering includes a complete line of food grade stainless-steel conveyor drum pulleys. Also consider sanitary drive pulleys, sanitary tail pulleys, custom pulleys, self-leveling foot pads, and stainless-steel bushings.


PPI offers a variety of bearings for diverse applications. Its SAFD bearings are ideally suited for heavy conveyor applications. SAFD housings are made from spherical graphite iron (ductile iron), which increases performance in colder temperatures. The rugged SCM bearings feature a nitrile contact seal that is effective in contaminated environments like those common in industry. The Type E pillow block bearing was designed for the challenges of multiple conveyor applications. It uses a double-row spherical bearing that makes a misalignment of ± 2 degrees possible, allowing the bearing to be more forgiving of mounting positions that are less than perfect. Additionally, a double lip nitrile contact seal provides the necessary protection for heavily contaminated applications.

AIRMATIC Understands Pulleys

For more than 80-years we at AIRMATIC have successfully solved belt conveyor problems in manufacturing, utility, wastewater treatment, and mining/quarrying facilities, and with the engineering firms that design these facilities, throughout the New England and Middle Atlantic States. Pulleys are always an integral part. That means you can rest assured we are well prepared to advise you when you’re considering your options.

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