WORKMASTER specializes in manufacturing labor-saving bulk material handling tools designed to facilitate the safe and efficient unloading, transport, storage, and processing of bulk solids. Catering to the needs of the agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and concrete construction sectors, WORKMASTER provides a distinctive line of bulk solids handling equipment. Their innovative products empower plant workers to safely accomplish tasks effortlessly and swiftly such as opening and unloading hopper bottom railcars and dry bulk trailers, ensuring the smooth flow of material from bins and silos, and improving the consolidation and finishing of freshly poured concrete through form, table, and surface vibration techniques. WORKMASTER's products play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and efficiency for their customers, while also extending the lifespan of critical production equipment. By reducing operating and maintenance costs, their tools prove invaluable for tackling some of the industry’s most hazardous, challenging, and demanding tasks.

Railcar Gate Openers

WORKMASTER offers the industry’s most complete line of Railcar Gate Openers for hopper bottom railcars, including wheeled-cart, beam-mount, and portable options. Openers are available with pneumatic, electric, battery, or mechanical-advantaged manual power. Our Railcar Gate Openers allow a single operator to safely and easily open or close hopper car gates in a fraction of the time required with manual tools, and allow even solidly jammed railcar gates to be opened easily and quickly. Our Railcar Gate Openers (GOs) are engineered and manufactured to provide dependable, long-term service. Construction materials are chosen for their strength and durability.

Railcar Vibrators

Find the air or electric-powered Railcar Vibrators you need to eliminate the safety and productivity problems associated with the dangerous, dirty, and slow job of unloading open-top hopper cars and covered hopper railcars. In fact, WORKMASTER offers the industry’s most complete line of railcar shakers and vibrators for emptying hopper cars, either compartment, by compartment or entirely from one location. Select yours based on the material being unloaded; number of railcars unloaded per day, week, or month; and conditions at the unloading site, such as availability of compressed air; electric power availability; neighborhood or plant noise restrictions; and site security.

Bulk Trailer Trap Openers

Bulk Trailer Trap Openers from WORKMASTER are designed to eliminate safety and productivity problems that are all too common with the injury-prone job of opening and unloading dry bulk trailers of grain, salt, sugar, and similar foodstuff materials, as well as building materials such as gypsum, sand, gravel, etc. Portable, wheeled-cart and stationary models available in battery, pneumatic, and electric-over-hydraulic power.

Vibratory Beam Screeds

The MOTOSCREED Vibratory Beam Screeds use dual, adjustable-force, uniquely-mounted vibratory motors to generate rectilinear motion that self-propels the Screed along the rails of a precast concrete form. As it moves, it knocks-down and strikes off the concrete surface, while simultaneously consolidating the concrete. The MOTOSCREED will quickly – and quietly –spread, level, consolidate, and surface-finish conventional, high-flow, and self-compacting concrete to a depth of 12″ to 18″.

Concrete Bull Floats

The MOTOFLOAT Vibratory Bull Float is a premium bull float designed for rapidly, efficiently and smoothly finishing concrete. Engineered to reduce labor and increase productivity, this bull float uses dual, adjustable force vibrators to ensure a level and polished surface. Its user-friendly design and durable construction make it an essential addition to any concrete work, providing superior results with less effort.

Pneumatic Bin Aeration System

A cost-effective solution for promoting and maintaining the flow of a variety of powders and bulk solids, the BIN-BUTLER Aeration System uses strategically located injector heads to fire a radial pattern of powerful air pulses between the material and the container wall to undercut, excite, and put the material in motion.

Vacuum Mount Vibrators

VAC-ATTACK Portable Vacuum-Mount Vibrator assemblies are the ideal choice when ease of installation or maximum portability is required. Portable Vacuum-Mount Vibrators combine energy-efficient, quiet, non-impacting linear vibration with a dependable, instant mount to any clean, relatively-smooth flat or curved surface. With a wide range of models and sizes, WORKMASTER has the right VAC-ATTACK Vibrator assembly for your application.

Vibrator Mount Kits

The correct vibrator mount is clean, flat, tight, and secure, but too often, that’s not the case. As a result, many air and electric vibrators never perform to their potential. Properly mounted vibrators transmit more vibration energy into the stored material, reduce vibrator maintenance, lower noise levels, eliminate safety concerns, and prevent damage to vessels. Incorporate a Mount Beam Kit into your bin vibration plans and gain a faster, longer ROI on your vibrator investment.

Motor Starters and Programmable Timers

WORKMASTER Electric Motor Starters feature careful, rugged construction and wire-labeling, all recorded on easy-to-follow schematics to provide the best means of controlling and protecting the “muscle” that powers your plant operations. WORKMASTER offers a standard line of full-voltage Starters, which are manually (pushbutton) operated, and also a line of externally activated Starters, which are designed to be interlocked with nearby equipment. These Starters minimize vibrator motor failures, nuisance tripping, and plant downtime.

Air Motor and Vibrator Oils

TOOL-LUBE Air Tool Oil keeps pneumatic Gate Openers running longer – up to three times longer — with less downtime and greater power. Special emulsifiers allow this unique oil to absorb 10% of its weight in water, preventing the formation of rust, gum, and sludge.

VIBRA-LUBE Vibrator Oil is a special type of lubrication uniquely formulated to coat and protect a vibrator’s inner lining and moving parts. It’s necessary because the internal parts of Pneumatic Rotary and Piston Type Vibrators are subject to severe stress. With regular use, VIBRA-LUBE can add years of service to the life of your air vibrators, while also reducing noise levels and increasing compressed air efficiency and power.

Vibrating Reed Tachometers

VIBRA-TAK Slide Rule Tachometers are easy-to-use tools for accurately measuring the speed of a vibrating or rotating object. Protected in a durable vinyl storage case, they are the ideal pocket-sized tool for shop and field mechanics, engineers, and service technicians to measure motor speed, vibrator speed, and small engine speed. Quickly measure vibrations per minute (VPM), test for dead spots or unwanted vibration, and test revolutions per minute (RPM) of high-speed machines.

Perfect Pour Bucket

WORKMASTER revolutionized the 5-gallon bucket with a patented industrial and commercial easy-to-pour bucket design. The tail features a molded-in bottom handgrip for secure, precision pouring. The heavy-duty 90-mil-thick walls are reinforced with ribs to help the bucket retain its shape. The metal handle includes a plastic grip for comfort. Their buckets can take hot fill to 160° and can also be steam sterilized or freezer stored. Full 5-gallon (18.9 Liter) capacity.

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