Formed in 1965, Oztec Industries began building its reputation as a designer and manufacturer of quality construction equipment. Oztec designs and manufactures quality vibrating equipment to meet the needs of the concrete construction industry. The power, quality, and reliability of Oztec vibrating equipment has gained it a reputation as the best on the market. Continually improving existing designs and developing new ideas, Oztec provides the right equipment to produce superior concrete on any size job. Oztec's line of fully interchangeable steel and rubber heads, electric and gasoline motors, back packs and portable mounts, flexible shafts, and rebar shakers are the most powerful, versatile and reliable in the industry. With the development of the patented RubberHead™, Oztec has designed and produced a vibrator head that not only surpasses all the standards for protecting epoxy coated rebar but is unequaled in consolidating concrete. The RubberHead’s dimple design provides a more powerful radius of action along the entire length of the head, absorbs less vibration than steel and deflects, then pushes forward with high velocity. The RubberHead is an absolute must for Architectural and low slump concrete.


Vibrator Heads

Contact with a steel vibrator head for as little as one second can chip enough epoxy coating off rebar to subject the steel to deep rust. Oztec's patented high-efficiency RubberHeadTM vibrator head provides the solution. It not only meets DOT non-metal head specifications for protecting coated rebar and expensive forms, but is also designed to producer denser concrete with fewer voids to patch. Oztec also offers powerful steel heads that generate the largest radius of influence of any heads available. And, consider mild vibration Pencil Heads for fill-cell block use.

Vibrator Power Units

Oztec offers both gas and electric Power Units. All run vibrator heads 11,000 to 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000 vpm, even in the lowest slump concrete (near 0) when maximum head size specifications are followed. Oztec electric motors are lightweight, compact, and fitted with a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap. Oztec gas Power Units employ rugged, dependable Honda gasoline engines and provide ultimate and immediate adaptability on the job. All Oztec Power Units come standard with Oztec’s Quick Disconnect "QD" system. Changing shafts and heads on the job is a snap.

Vibrator Shafts

Flexible Shafts from Oztec feature inner cores composed of extra-high carbon steel wires combined with casings made from tough, abrasion-resistant neoprene rubber reinforced with multiple layers of high tensile wire braiding with a hardened flat steel liner. This construction makes Oztec Flexible Shafts rigid enough for driving into the stiffest concrete without kinking yet limber and non-slip for easy and effective handling.

Rebar Shakers

The Oztec heavy-duty rebar shaker is the most efficient way to consolidate grout in reinforced masonry construction. In University of Tennessee Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering testing, the rebar shaker performs equal to conventional methods – but it does so faster and without the human error of missing cells or poor pencil vibrating techinique.

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