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AIRMATIC is your premier distributor destination for cutting-edge rebar tools that redefine efficiency and safety in precast and pour-in-place concrete construction. Our rebar tools include a variety of battery-operated rebar tying tools, and air-operated rebar connecting tools, as well as portable rebar cutters, stationary rebar cutters, and rebar benders, all sourced from industry-leading manufacturers and stocked for same-day shipment. Whether you are involved in large-scale precast manufacturing products, or site cast construction projects, you’ll find that these rebar tools streamline your workflow and promote a safe, secure working environment.


At AIRMATIC, we believe in the importance of servicing what we sell. As a result, you’ll find that our factory-trained team of service technicians is committed to providing fast, expert service in maintaining the performance of your rebar tools, helping to ensure the longevity and peak performance needed in concrete construction to maximize your investment.


Experience the power of innovation and reliability with AIRMATIC, where every rebar tool is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the concrete construction industry.

Types of Rebar Tools for Cutting, Bending & Fastening

Rebar Tying & Connecting Tools

Two types of fastening systems: MAX battery-operated tools with spool-fed tie wire system; KODI air-operated tools with cartridge-fed polycarbonate klip connecting system. Both work well on most Rebar work, but each have some very specific job-based advantages.  

Rebar Cutters & Cutting Edge Saws

Complete line of battery, electric, and pneumatic portable, cold-cutting shear rebar cutters for fast, safe cutting of strand and GR-60 rebar up to #10 (1- 1/4"). Also cordless and electric, multi-purpose cutting saws for up to #8 (1") GR-60 rebar. 

Rebar Benders

Manual and electric, portable, heavy-duty benders, cutter/benders, and bender/straighteners for fast, clean bends up to 180° on up to #8 (1") GR-60 rebar. Also, 120 VAC electric, stationary benders for effortless, accurate bends to 180° on up to #9 (1-1/8") rebar

Rebar Cutter and Bender Combo Units

120VAC bender/cutters combine stationary bender with removable, portable cutter using the standard foot-pedal switch. Units bend up to 180° on up to #9 (1-1/8") GR-60 rebar. Also a manual bender/cutter capable of 0-180° on up to #5 (5/8") GR-60 rebar.

Same Day Shipping

AIRMATIC ships most tie wire, connecting klips, tools, and replacement part orders the same day, they are received (standard cut off: 3pm EST), so you can reduce your inventory by utilizing ours.

Tool Repair Services

As an Authorized Service Center, AIRMATIC Repairs Max, Kodi Klip, and BN Products Power Tools. We not only have trained, experienced mechanics, but also use all the calibration and test equipment required to bring a worn or damaged tool back to new tool standards. When your rebar connecting, cutting, or bending units need repair or complete rebuilding, you can count on AIRMATIC for fast, professional service – guaranteed.

Why Airmatic?

There are many benefits to be gained —and hazards to be avoided — in choosing the right tools for rebar cutting, bending, and fastening. We’ve made a study of them all, as well as all the best solutions available for professionals who work with rebar. Some of what we’ve learned is available here on our website, but we’re always happy to answer specific questions regarding your particular operation.

What challenges are you facing? What complaints or concerns does your workforce have? You might not typically take these issues to a distributor, but we’re not your typical distributor. We made a commitment years ago to be far more than that, and we’ve done the hard work required measure up. Talk with us and find out for yourself just how much value we can offer.

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