AIRMATIC supplies battery and air-powered rebar fastening tools manufactured by Max and Kodi Klip to bring you the most powerful, efficient, and safe rebar tier and connecting tool systems on the market. Fasten rebar up to 5- times faster than hand-tying, while significantly reducing labor costs, fatigue, and workman's compensation injuries. In addition to rebar tying and klipping tools, AIRMATIC supplies tie wire & klips for rapidly reloading your tools and creating a strong, durable bond between rebar cords.

Manual Rebar Tying Tools vs Battery or Air-Powered Tools

Fastening reinforcing bar is one of the more demanding tasks at a precast plant or construction site.  It can also be an inefficient and injury-causing process that slows progress in other areas.  This is especially the case when workers are relying on manual tools to get the rebar tying job done. Read more »

The CDC addressed the significant risk to workers in a report from its National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NIOSH found that even workers not involved in an accident are at risk of developing back and wrist disorders over time due to manually tying rebar. NIOSH also recommended a solution: Replace manual tools for tying rebar with powered tools. The good news is that opting for battery-operated or pneumatic rebar tools instead of manual tools is not only easier on workers, but also reduces tying-cycle time, and delivers results that are more consistent and of higher quality. That means improved productivity and reduced workers comp claims.

Air-operated connecting tools like those made by Kodi Klip are compact, lightweight, ergonomically designed, and able to affix polycarbonate klips (Kodi Klips) to any cross, parallel, or vertical rebar assembly/frame to hold any configuration motionless.  Max battery-operated tying tools employ a spool-fed tie wire system that securely attaches any rebar joint.  Both have the power to transform your operation.



The ROI on Rebar Power Tools

When you’re thinking about making an investment in tools or machinery, it’s reasonable to want to know how much of a return (both the dollars and the savings time frame) you can expect on that investment (ROI). In the case of rebar power tools, you can be confident that the expenditure will pay off rapidly. Read more »

Here at AIRMATIC we have the data and we would happy to provide you with detailed ROI calculations for both Max and Kodi Klip based on the specific labor and material costs of your operation, but know that the general savings any operation can expect are impressive:

Typically, high-speed, automated rebar tying/connecting versus tying rebar by hand will save you on ongoing labor costs, lost-time injuries, and training expenses. Set up time is also reduced while work efficiency increases. On any particular project, you can reasonably expect labor costs to be reduced by at least 50% and labor hours to be reduced to just one-third of those required for tying rebar by hand. Where 2,000 joints are typically completed in an 8-hour day, you can expect Max to provide for more than 7,000 and Kodi to provide even more. Material costs are similarly improved by switching from hand tying to Max or Kodi tools. You can also expect to see a major reduction in lost-time injuries, and Worker’s Comp costs.



Types of Rebar Tying & Connecting Tools

Max Rebar Wire Tying

The MAX Rebar Tying Tool is a low-weight, easy to handle, battery-driven power tool that operates for up to 4500 ties per charge. There are 8 models available that twist-tie Made-in-America black annealed wire, and standard electro-galvanized or poly-coated spool-fed wire to rebar joints from #3 x #3 to #9 x #10, and metric from 6mm x 6mm to 29mm x 32mm.

Kodi Klip Rebar Klip Connecting

Kodi Klip Connecting Tools are compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed air-driven power tools used to affix polycarbonate klips (Kodi Klips) to any cross, parallel or vertical rebar assembly/frame to hold any configuration motionless including rebar to strand connections in prestress applications.

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