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For over 45 years, Global, located in Little Rock, AR, has been a recognized leader in developing and manufacturing economical solutions to bulk solids flow problems in the industrial and concrete construction industries.  With a comprehensive line of air cannons, and pneumatic, electric and hydraulic vibrators, the company has a solution to flow problems in silos, bins, chutes forms, molds and railcars.


Air Cannons

When bulk material builds up inside kilns, silos, bins, hoppers, chutes and other equipment and stops flowing due to obstructions and ratholes, the best way to get it moving again is with an air cannon. When used in combination, multiple air cannons can restore flow to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of cubic feet of material.

Industrial Vibrators

Industrial vibrators like those by Global employ vibration to break the static bonds that often build up between a product and the walls of its container. Vibrators counteract the particle-to-particle friction in bulk solids like powders, aggregates, and sand. They're also highly effective with materials like grain or corn in agricultural applications or pills in pharmaceutical plants.

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