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For more than 50 years, Global Manufacturing, located in Little Rock, AR, has been a recognized leader in developing and manufacturing economical solutions to bulk solids flow problems in the industrial and concrete construction industries. With a comprehensive line of air cannons, and pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic vibrators, the company has a solution to flow problems in silos, bins, chutes, forms, molds, and railcars.


Industrial Vibrators

Industrial vibrators work to facilitate the flow of wet or dry materials in bins, hoppers, chutes and pipes, railcars, bulk trailers, and trucks. Several types are available, including rotary electric vibrators and hydraulic vibrators, and rotary and piston pneumatic vibrators. Global offers options for all of them. Among the many differences in benefits and applications are these: Electric vibrators are quieter and more efficient than pneumatic or hydraulic vibrators and are especially useful where air or hydraulic power sources are not available. Hydraulic vibrators are larger and produce significantly more force than many other vibrators do.

Air Cannons

Global Manufacturing's patented air cannons, also called air blasters, consist of a compressed air reservoir with a quick-opening valve that releases the stored air in a sudden, high-energy blast to aerate and dislodge material and restore flow. Such devices are excellent at solving bulk flow problems for a wide range of material clogs and jams in hoppers of any size. They are effective when other methods are too expensive, dangerous or destructive—or nothing else works. Multiple air cannons used in combination will restore flow to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of cubic feet of material.

Concrete Vibrators

Concrete vibrators include internal and external designs. Both are used to ensure proper consolidation of concrete for high-quality finished results. Internal vibrators employ an electric, pneumatic, or gasoline powered unit to drive a vibrating head. The head is extended down into poured concrete to remove air bubbles, disperse the large aggregates, and ensure the cement fines are evenly distributed to coat the aggregates. External vibrators remain “outside the pour” and deliver the vibration to consolidate the concrete through the formwork.

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