Types of Air Cannons, Parts & Accessories

Air Cannons

An industrial air cannon, or air blaster, is an air-expansion type flow-aid device that utilizes a pressure-rated reservoir of stored compressed air or nitrogen at 10 to 125 PSI (150-PSI rated reservoirs available), equipped with a fast-acting, high-flow discharge valve which quietly supplies an instantaneous blast of air into bulk materials handling storage or process vessels, bins, silos, chutes or ducts. When strategically located and properly controlled (automatically or manually), the eruptive force of the air blaster de-clogs, dislodges, or prevents bulk solids build-up and blockage that chokes plant productivity and efficiency.

Air Cannon Parts & Accessories

We offer a wide array of parts, valves, and accessories to enable you to upgrade the performance and reduce the maintenance of your air cannons. Consider thermo safety shields, a variety of valves and valve upgrade kits, return reservoir canisters, nozzle assemblies, and more. 

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