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Why Buy From AIRMATIC?

Once you determine you need a product, service, or a certain type of equipment, you must decide where to buy it. Usually, you have options. In today’s world, you have more than ever.

So, how to choose among them?

Most people would consider price, product quality, the seller’s reputation, speed of delivery, and sales terms. That’s a good start. But there’s no need to quit there. At AIRMATIC, we can give you an even longer list of reasons to buy from us. It’s a list that defines us as a uniquely attractive choice, one that you owe it to yourself to investigate.

Let’s begin with why you should buy from a distributor—a company like AIRMATIC—rather than from a manufacturer.

Why Go With a Distributor?

You might think that purchasing directly from the manufacturer rather than from a distributor would be less expensive. And why should you deal with a “middle man”? These are reasonable concerns and we’re happy to address them.

While we do love our manufacturers and are proud to represent them, there are many good reasons to buy from us—and our manufacturer partners would likely agree.

Avoid Minimums. Opt for Speed.

When you buy directly from the manufacturer, there’s likely to be a minimum quantity order or a minimum spend required. There’s less chance of that being a problem with a distributor, and very little chance of meeting up with that problem when doing business with us at AIRMATIC. Also, the logistics and trade terms are likely to be more complicated and less advantageous to you with a  manufacturer.

If your purchase is not going to be large or you need to get delivery fast, a distributor is the better option. The fact is that manufacturers are simply not set up to handle direct sales efficiently. It’s not their focus.

Benefit From One-Stop Shopping.

Distributors represent many manufacturers and so can often serve as one-stop shops. When you can make five different purchases from one company, you’re saving time and paperwork. (Consider one P.O, for example, versus five.) Some distributors, like us, will even do “kitting” for you, picking, packing, and assembling various items you might need to complete a project or meet a particular need. No manufacturer will do that.

Why Choose AIRMATIC as Your Distributor?

Distributors tend to be more responsive to customers’ needs and at AIRMATIC, we lead the field on this score. If your order is in to us by 3:00 pm Eastern and the item you want is in stock, we will have it on its way to you the same day. It doesn’t matter what kind of shipping is required. Send us a request, and you’ll typically get a quote or order acknowledgement within an hour. We pride ourselves on being extremely responsive and good at logistics. Our customers reap the benefits.

Next, it’s important to note that AIRMATIC is much more than a distributor. In addition to selling products, we also provide fabrication, installation, and maintenance and repair services, all with speed and efficiency. AIRMATIC is actually comprised of three synergistic business units: Our Materials Management Group specializes in solving problems in powder and bulk solids material handling systems. Our Service Group provides installation, maintenance, and fabrication services for bulk material handling equipment. Our Tool Group offers power tool repair, rebuilding, and modification. Each business unit was built to better meet our customers’ needs.

Leverage an Exceptional Team of Well-Trained Professionals.

We employ professionals that few distributors employ. They include engineers who can give you the expert advice other distributors can’t; service technicians who can install, maintain, or repair the products you purchase; technical support specialists who can make sure the products you purchase provide maximum uptime and efficiency; and customer service and warehouse associates who will process and ship orders with startling speed and efficiency. You can consult  with them on the phone or meet with them at your facility, where they can talk with your team on the ground and observe your concerns firsthand.

Because both industry and the world beyond it are complex and constantly changing, the AIRMATIC team continually works to improve its knowledge and skills. Priding ourselves on our expertise in bulk materials handling, we take advantage of every important webinar or seminar offered. Committed to representing our manufacturers expertly, we meet with factory reps quarterly to ensure that our product managers and field sales and service professionals are up to date on every aspect of their offerings. And, as an organization committed to efficiency and service that meet 21st century standards, we train all employees in optimal use of our business software and applications, and make sure that their skills remain up to date.

Finally, our team is trained in and adheres to contractor standards set by all relevant federal and state governing authorities, including OSHA, MSHA, and the Pennsylvania Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health Association. As a member of ISNETWORLD and AVETTA, we meet the safety, procurement, sustainability, quality, and regulatory guidelines set by these organizations as well.

Service Before Sales.

The fact is that we are a truly unique organization in the world of industrial products distributors. We actually consider ourselves a solutions provider, one you can rely on completely, well before and long after you make any purchase. As Dawn Witte, our Director of Marketing & Customer Service, has put it, “We’re not just a catalogue house. We can intelligently talk about our capabilities and offer customers options and alternatives.”

Bob Braun, Director of Sales Services, says, “We ask questions. We try to be advisors. Tell us what you’re trying to do, and we’ll help you find a solution.” Rick Dougherty, Account Manager, confirms this: “We don’t just try to sell someone something. The first thing we do is try to help.”

Experience Family-Based Commitment

Today, AIRMATIC is benefitting from its fourth generation of family ownership and leadership. That’s not just a fact for a sales sheet. It’s a distinction that you can feel when you do business with us. It’s a unique commitment within our team to each other and our shared responsibilities. It makes a difference.

“We’re accountable,” says Michelle Mann, Customer Service Manager. “If something is damaged or lost in shipment, if something goes wrong, the first thing we do is make sure the customer gets what they need. We sort out the rest later.” We believe it’s the right thing to do.

A Well-Connected Company.

AIRMATIC is a long-time member of several manufacturer trade associations as well as wholesaler-distributor industry trade associations. Why should that matter to you? Because in joining such associations, we commit to supporting the collective efforts of our customers to address the issues and problems they experience in doing business. These include matters of regulation, technology, employee health and safety, and economic progress. In short, we are all in on our business and yours.

Your competitive Advantage.

At AIRMATIC, we go to great lengths to be fast, flexible, fair, efficient, knowledgeable, service-oriented, collaborative, friendly, and customer centric. It’s our competitive advantage. And because we are all those things, working with us can be your competitive advantage.

Work with us to address your problems and you'll gain increased productivity, improved operational efficiency, lower maintenance and repair costs, and a safer, cleaner workplace.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we can consult on it, sell it, install it, maintain it, and repair it.

Let us know and we’ll handle it!

Want to Know More?

There’s even more we could tell you about the benefits of buying from, and working with, AIRMATIC. If you’d like to talk about it, reach out to any of us at any time.

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