Based in Pella, IA, PP&I manufactures pulleys and idlers, take-up frames, bearings, and sanitary components for companies in the hard rock, aggregate, cement, grain, forestry, power, package and unit handling, coal, and contract manufacturing industries. PP&I operates eight manufacturing plants, each committed to providing the highest quality products with the shortest lead times in the industry.


Non-Motorized Pulleys

non motorized pulley.pngAIRMATIC offers a wide selection of non-motorized conveyor pulleys from PPI: Drum Pulleys are available in several sizes and styles, depending on your needs. Our selection includes Drum Pulleys in Heavy Duty, Mine Duty, Engineered Class, Spiral, EZ Mount, and Turbine types. Wing Pulleys are available in a variety of shapes and sizes based on usage. Choose from Herringbone Wing®, CEMA Herringbone Wing, Heavy Duty Wing, Mine Duty Wing, Quarry Max Duty Wing, and Spiral and Spiral Plus Wing Pulleys. Single disc elevator pulleys or SDE Pulleys are capable of reducing stress and deflection due to their one-piece, all-steel construction. 

AIRMATIC Understands Pulleys

For more than 50-years we at AIRMATIC have successfully solved belt conveyor problems in manufacturing, utility, wastewater treatment, and mining/quarrying facilities, and with the engineering firms that design these facilities, throughout the New England and Middle Atlantic States. Pulleys are always an integral part. That means you can rest assured we are well prepared to advise you when you’re considering your options.

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