Founded in 1958 and based in Elburn, Illinois, Monitor manufactures products that aid in the storage and processing of powders and bulk solids across a variety of industries, including level indicators and controls, continuous level sensors, and devices for inventory management, solids flow monitoring / metering, in-line moisture measurement, dust monitoring / broken bag detection, and bin aeration.


Bin Level Indicators

Monitor Bin Level Indicators.png


Bin level indicators like those offered by Monitor provide reliable point level detection and measurement of dry bulk solids in bins, tanks, silos, hoppers, and material conveyors, supporting inventory management for storage and processing of such materials.


Flow Detectors

Monitor Flow Detector.png


Flow detectors from Monitor are high-quality, industrial-grade instruments that provide a signal indicating the flow/no-flow condition of solids and powders in gravity chutes, feeders, and pneumatic pipelines.


Bin Aerators

Monitor Bin Aerators.png


When industrial vibrators are not suitable for initiating or restoring the flow of powders or bulk solids you may need a bin aerator. The Evasser bin aerator from Monitor promotes the flow of dry, fine bulk powders from storage vessels without the noise and possible vessel damage associated with pneumatic or electric vibrators.


Dust Collection and Dust Suppression Systems

Monitor Dust Suppression.png


Effective dust collection and suppression requires continuous attention to detail. Monitor provides it, reliably and economically, with broken bag dust monitors and detectors for filter leaks and failures.

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