Continuous Level Sensors use advanced measurement techniques to provide real-time measurement of your bin, silo, or hopper. AIRMATIC supplies radar level transmitters, 3D level sensors, plumb bob level sensors, and all related accessories. These sensors use a range of technologies to detect the level of solid or liquid materials within a storage vessel by measuring the distance between a reference point and the surface of the material.

Continuous Level Sensors work with both corrosive and non-corrosive powders and bulk solid materials and are used in a range of industries including:

  • Aggregate
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Feed, Grain, & Pet Food
  • Food Manufacturing & Processing
  • Power Plants


Types of Continuous Level Sensors

Radar Level Sensors

Ultrasonic and radar level sensors are an excellent choice for continuous, non-contact level measuring and monitoring of tanks, bins, and silos. These sensors provide precise measurements, unaffected by temperature changes, vapors, dust, or varying materials in the container. Radar level sensors not only offer real-time monitoring but also play a crucial role in improving overall operational efficiency and safety in industrial settings.

3D Level Sensors

A 3D level sensor is a non-contact, dust-penetrating bin volume measurement system that uses acoustic-based technology to measure bin contents at multiple points to determine the volume of material in the bin. 3D level sensors can efficiently measure a wide range of materials, offering flexibility across different substances and types of bins. By assessing multiple points within the bin, 3D level sensors deliver highly accurate volume measurements.

Cable Float Switches

Cable float switches use a durable stainless-steel cable with a Plumb Bob to gauge the content levels within a vessel. These level sensors offer flexibility, allowing measurements to be taken continuously or upon request. Cable Float Switches are easy to install and are virtually maintenance-free.

Laser Level Transmitters

Laser level transmitters employ a tight beam of light to measure the distance to the surface of the stored material. Laser Sensors are extremely accurate and resist reliability issues caused by surface angle, slope, texture, granularity, or material color. They can also be used as Plugged Chute Detectors and for monitoring build-up in low dust environments to prevent potential hazards and production disruptions. Laser level transmitters seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, offering user-friendly solutions that require minimal setup and configuration.

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