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For more than 25 years, the Vibratek division of American Edge, located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, has been supplying industrial vibrators to solve problems in loading, unloading, and moving powders and bulk solids. The company’s quiet, energy-efficient, low-maintenance flow aid devices eliminate the slow -flow or blockage problems that regularly occur in bulk material storage and industrial processing systems.


Rotary Vibrators

Rotary Vibrators generate vibratory force by producing consistent waves of energy as a result of unbalanced weight rotating within a cylindrical housing. The larger the housing diameter and width, the heavier the weight, and the faster the weight rotates, the greater the vibratory force output. Rotary vibration is ideal where a relatively dry bulk material flow problem is best solved by applying force over a large surface area, e.g., over a 3' to 8'  length of bin wall. 

There are four classes of pneumatic rotary vibrators: Ball, Roller, Turbine Wheel, and Motor-driven Electric.  Each uses a different type of unbalanced weight, and each has multiple models that vary in numerous ways, including size, mounting style, lubrication needs, noise rating, speed, amplitude and centrifugal force output based on controlled PSI and CFM supply.

AIRMATIC Understands Applied Vibration

Industrial vibrators play vital roles in numerous sectors of industry— manufacturing, concrete construction, mining, food processing, recycling, and much more. Since we also have long played a role in all these industries, we know industrial vibrators well. Count on us for the critical insight and knowledge that can help you make the right decisions on industrial vibrators for your operation.

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