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Rotary Vibrators generate vibratory force by producing consistent waves of energy as a result of unbalanced weight rotating within a cylindrical housing.  The larger the housing diameter and width, the heavier the weight, and the faster the weight rotates — the greater the vibratory force output.  Rotary vibration is ideal where a relatively dry bulk material flow problem is best solved by applying force over a large surface area, eg, over a 3' to 8'  length of bin wall.  There are four classifications of Pneumatic Rotary Vibrators each using a different type of unbalanced weight:  Ball, Roller, Turbine Wheel and Motor-driven Eccentric.  Each classification has multiple models that vary in:  size, mounting style, lubrication needs; noise rating; speed, amplitude and centrifugal force output based on controlled PSI and CFM supply; manufacturing method, design, material and finish to meet the varied needs of any manufacturing, processing or packaging application, OEM industry requirement, and environmental demand.

Types of Rotary Air Vibrators

Ball Vibrators

Industry’s first Rotary Air Vibrators – steel ball circling the races in a vibrator housing. This simple design remains a popular and cost-effective solution to flow problems where speeds to 30,000 RPM and forces to 1000 ft-lbf keep dry bulk solids flowing, and small parts, glass bottles and tin cans, settling or moving along a conveyor.

Roller Vibrators

Industry’s most powerful Rotary Air Vibrators – one or two steel rollers rotating within a vibrator housing. The tough, long lasting solution to flow problems where speeds to 30,000 RPM and forces to 15,000 ft-lbf keep wet or dry bulk solids flowing out of large bins, trucks and railcars, thru screeners, and in concrete forms.

Turbine Vibrators

Industry’s quietest Rotary Air Vibrators – a turbine wheel revolving within a vibrator housing. A lubrication-free, reliable solution to flow problems where speeds to 46,000 RPM and forces to 2700 ft-lbf keep dry bulk solids moving out of hoppers, trucks and railcars, and parts, cans and jars moving along conveyors.

Motor-Driven Vibrators

Industry leading motor driven rotary vibration – an external motor drives shaft-mounted eccentric weights within a HD ductile iron housing. These motor driven vibrators produce a powerful, uniform, directional force (up to 25,000 ft-lbf) at frequencies of 4000 to 5000RPM at 80PSI. The vibrators are available in 2, 4, or 6 bolt permanent mount or a portable clamp-on mount. Use on unloading railcars, large bins/hoppers, foundry shake-out, and refractory applications.

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