These tried-and-proven motor-driven rotary air vibrators boast the ability to generate an impressive and consistent omnidirectional force, reaching up to an astounding 25,000 ft-lbf, all while operating at frequencies ranging from 4000 to 5000 RPM at a pressure of 80 PSI. Available in multiple configurations, choose from 2, 4, or 6 bolt permanent mounts or opt for the flexibility of a portable clamp-on mount. Whether you are unloading railcars, maintaining flow from large bins and hoppers, performing foundry shake-outs, or handling refractory applications, our air-motor driven vibrators are designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability in a range of industrial settings.

Types of Rotary Air Vibrators

Ball Vibrators

Industry’s first Rotary Air Vibrators – steel ball circling the races in a vibrator housing. This simple design remains a popular and cost-effective solution to flow problems where speeds to 30,000 RPM and forces to 1000 ft-lbf keep dry bulk solids flowing, and small parts, glass bottles and tin cans, settling or moving along a conveyor.

Roller Vibrators

Industry’s most powerful Rotary Air Vibrators – one or two steel rollers rotating within a vibrator housing. The tough, long lasting solution to flow problems where speeds to 30,000 RPM and forces to 15,000 ft-lbf keep wet or dry bulk solids flowing out of large bins, trucks and railcars, through screeners, and in concrete forms.

Turbine Vibrators

Industry’s quietest Rotary Air Vibrators – a turbine wheel revolving within a vibrator housing. A lubrication-free, reliable solution to flow problems where speeds to 46,000 RPM and forces to 2700 ft-lbf keep dry bulk solids moving out of hoppers, trucks and railcars, and parts, cans and jars moving along conveyors.

Motor-Driven Vibrators

Industry leading motor-driven rotary air vibration – an external motor drives shaft-mounted eccentric weights within a HD ductile iron housing. These motor driven vibrators produce a powerful, uniform, directional force (up to 25,000 ft-lbf) at frequencies of 4000 to 5000RPM at 80PSI. The vibrators are available in 2, 4, or 6 bolt permanent mount or a portable clamp-on mount. Use on unloading railcars, large bins/hoppers, foundry shake-out, and refractory applications.

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