Cougar Vibration, a division of Martin Engineering, designs and manufactures pneumatic, electric, dc, and hydraulic vibrators in Peru, IL. Cougar patented the first dc truck vibrator in 1964 and continues to lead the way in truck and mobile equipment vibration. The Cougar commitment is to provide vibrators that eliminate material blockage for any industry that stores and processes bulk solid materials.


Industrial Vibrators

Industrial vibrators reduce friction between granular or powdery substances and the structure's walls, helping such materials to move, flow, and settle better in bins, silos, hoppers, conveyors, funnels, drums, and chutes. This technology is especially important for handling large quantities or volumes of material at a time.

Truck Vibrators

Truck vibrators help drivers ensure complete emptying of bulk materials, reducing the need for personnel to enter dump beds for manual cleanout and thus improving safety and productivity. Cougar patented the first truck vibrator in 1964.

AIRMATIC Understands Applied Vibration

Industrial vibrators play vital roles in numerous sectors of industry — manufacturing, concrete construction, mining, food processing, recycling, and much more. Since we also have long played a role in all these industries, we know industrial vibrators well. Count on us for the critical insight and knowledge that can help you make the right decisions on industrial vibrators for your operation.

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