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The Kodi Klip Rebar Connection System transformed the way that rebar is worked, eliminating racking, enabling cages to maintain their shape when free-standing, and removing the need for diagonal support bars and excessive wheel spacers, all while improving safety and ease of use. Dayton Superior of Dayton, Ohio, acquired the Kodi Klip corporate parent in April 2022.


Rebar Connecting Tools

Kodi Klip K-Klip fasteners and Klipper gun fastening tools provide faster, tighter, more consistent rebar connections thanks to a unique, patented 4-point grip system. The system is quick and easy to use and makes rebar connections rigid enough for one person to handle. The lightweight, high-powered KLIPPER™ tool attaches K-KLIPS™ to rebar in milliseconds, while preventing wrist fatigue and allowing workers to avoid injuries from welding and wire tying by hand. The system is ideal for site-pour, precast, pre-stressed, and tilt-up concrete applications. It is used on cage assemblies, FRP or epoxy-coated rebar, high-density mats on slabs, bridges and road work, and on radiant heating tubes.

Kodi Klip K-Klip Connectors

The polycarbonate K-Klip connectors employed by the Kodi Klip system provide a four-way grip that won’t damage rebar, corrode, or loosen under load. Color-coded Klips are available in both metric and imperial sizes.

AIRMATIC Understands Rebar Fastening

We at AIRMATIC were among the first to recognize the genius of the Kodi Klip system and the value that it would bring in concrete rebar tying and connecting applications. We remain fans and advocates today and are happy to discuss with you the many benefits that Kodi Klip has to offer.

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