Types of Kodi Klip Rebar Klip Connecting


Kodi Klip Fastening Tools are compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed air-driven power tools used to affix polycarbonate klips (Kodi Klips) to any cross, parallel or vertical rebar assembly/frame to hold any configuration motionless. 


Kodi Klip Connectors are molded from recycled polycarbonate resin known for high impact strength and heat resistance. The Klips won't crack, break, deform, rust, degrade, and they won’t scratch or damage epoxy coated rebar or fiberglass reinforcing rods. They are brightly color-coded by size to make them easy to distinguish and inspect.


Kodi Klip offers a range of accessories to make using the System even easier when working upright or moving from job to job.

Kodi Klip

Kodi Klips are polycarbonate clips designed to securely fasten rebar joints in concrete construction projects. This can include cross, parallel or vertical rebar assembly and framing. The klips polycarbonate composition ensures that they will not degrade over time or break or crack upon pressure or heat. They can also come in different bright colors, which aid in the installation and inspection of the job.

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