Established in Norfolk, England, in 1879, Centurion has been known for expertise in head protection for more than 140 years. Its industrial hardhats and bump caps are designed for both general purpose and specialized applications. The company also makes accessories for face and hearing protection. Centurion is committed to product quality and responding quickly to changes in legislation and market requirements to meet customer demands.

Bump Caps

Bump Caps provide protection against bumps and scrapes in areas where an ANSI hard hat is not required. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor show that one-third of all impact injuries occur from bumping into stationary objects. Bump caps provide the lightest weight and most fashionable head protection available. Deeply practical, supremely comfortable, and stylishly designed, the innovative Centurion bump caps set standards in form and function, increasing the likelihood that plant personnel will accept the head protection—and wear it regularly.

Accessories for Hard Hats and Bump Caps

Accessories for hard hats and bump caps include diverse options for face protection and hearing protection, sun capes, neck capes, reflective strips, and sweatbands, as well as anti-electric arc systems, cold weather hood systems, and brow guard systems. All products meet all ANSI, CSA, and EN standards.

Hard Hats

Employers must ensure their workers wear head protection if they’re at risk of being struck by falling objects, bumping their heads on fixed objects, or coming into contact with electrical hazards. Also, OSHA Regulations require employers to ensure that workers cover and protect long hair to prevent its getting caught in machinery. But, employees often fail to comply. "My hardhat makes me too warm." "My hardhat is too heavy." "My hardhat makes me look silly." "My hardhat doesn't work with my safety glasses (face shield, hearing protection, etc.)". Such complaints are all too common.

Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, our hardhats and bump caps from CENTURION can help you overcome employee objections and increase compliance with OSHA and other government regulations. They come with an industry-leading line of fully integrated eye, ear, neck, and weather protection accessories.

The CENTURION line of general purpose and specialized hard hats, baseball bump caps, face and hearing protection accessories, and respiratory protection is known throughout the world for fit, comfort, and style. All products meet all ANSI, CSA, and EN standards.

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