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Acoustic Cleaning Systems is the premier manufacturer of acoustic cleaners (sonic horns) for particulate removal worldwide and the market leader in acoustic cleaning in the U.S. The company is also one of the largest suppliers of aftermarket and OEM spare parts for acoustic cleaners worldwide. Its unique designs and American craftsmanship combine to produce the most robust, most durable, and highest quality acoustic cleaning systems available. ACS was founded in Auburn, Alabama, in 2003. 


Acoustic Sonic Horns

No matter what materials you use in your process, you can't avoid particulate buildup, or the problems that come with it. Using high-energy, low-frequency sound vibration, sonic horns are a cost-effective, easy-to-install, low-maintenance solution to removing particulate build-up in bag houses, boilers, spray dryers, fans, and bulk solid storage vessels. Innovative technology from ACS includes the ACS Magnum horn, the most powerful compact acoustic cleaner available.

Acoustic Sonic Horn Parts

In addition to manufacturing market-leading sonic horns, ACS also manufactures high-quality replacement parts, diaphragm plates, and driver assemblies for any make of sonic horn.

AIRMATIC Understands Sonic Horns

Bulk material handling is a well-established area of expertise at AIRMATIC, and we consider acoustic cleaning systems, or sonic horns, to play an essential role in the expert handling of bulk materials. As a result, you can trust us to be well prepared to consult with you about the products and systems that can most effectively, efficiently, and economically keep your bulk materials moving as they should.

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