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Compressed air is commonly accepted as a facility’s fourth utility.  When properly installed and maintained it is an extremely efficient and safe method to both control and transmit energy to a wide range of equipment including pneumatic vibrators.  The use of air vibrators to solve flow problems continues to grow because it has a number of advantages:  Productivity and Power –air vibrators convert 100% of input power into output power delivering more torque and higher RPM; Lower Cost – air vibrators have fewer moving parts so little maintenance and repair is required, and their energy consumption can be completely controlled; Safety – air vibrators are used in environments where moisture, conductive materials, and even explosive and flammable atmospheres are a problem; Versatility – air vibrators have a great power-to-weight ratio so they are ideal in situations where space is tight or weight matters; Work Through a Power Failure – air vibrators run off a compressor’s stored power so they run when the power goes out.  For 75 years we’ve helped industry take advantage of these benefits in standard and unique applications.  We have a full scope of safe, reliable pneumatic vibrators from a number of manufacturers, and we’re ready to help.

Types of Pneumatic Vibrators

Rotary Air Vibrators

Pneumatic Rotary Vibrators are ideal where the flow problem is primarily caused by a material’s particle to particle interaction forces, and the material to bin wall friction of dry (≤ 5% moisture) bulk solids — the primary causes of a bulk solid’s tendency to bridge, arch, build-up or rat-hole. These relatively dry materials respond best to rotary vibration which produces an omni-directional centrifugal force that can be applied over a proportionately large surface area to transmit energy waves through a bin/chute’s steel wall directly into the material to promote flow.

Piston Air Vibrators

Piston Air Vibrators generate linear impact force through the repeated driving of a piston against a base plate, much like repeated powerful strikes by a hammer. Common types of piston air vibrators include: Continuous solid impact vibrators (metal to metal/UHMW strike block); Continuous cushioned impact vibrators (metal to air cushioned strike block); Single impact vibrators; Oscillating vibrators; Knocker vibrators.

Pneumatic Vibrator Accessories

Accessories for a range of Rotary and Linear Vibrators.

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