Conveyor belt idlers, idler rolls, carry idlers, and impact idlers stabilize conveyor systems for smooth material conveyance. Our extensive inventory of conveyor belt idlers maintains proper belt alignment and tracking for load carrying and returns. Featuring sealed and regreasable troughing and return idlers, as well as idler rolls, carry idlers, and impact idlers, AIRMATIC supplies conveyor belt idlers that meet CEMA Class A-D specifications.

Types of Conveyor Belt Idlers, Parts & Accessories


CEMA B idlers meet CEMA standards for light-duty loads. Find CEMA B Troughing Idlers, Flat Carrier Idlers, Live Shaft Idlers, Return Idlers, and Return and Flat Idlers in Steel Tube, Rubber Disc, and Covered Rolls.    


These idlers are meant for medium loads and meet CEMA standards. Browse our catalog of CEMA C Troughing Idlers, Flat Carrier Idlers, Live Shaft Idlers, and Return Idlers.   


Available for a wide range of purposes, we carry CEMA D Equal Troughers, Equal Impact Troughers, Unequal Troughers, Flat Carriers, Return and V-Return Idlers, Return Rubber Disc, Self-Aligner, and more. 


Heavy-duty loads are no problem for CEMA E idlers. Whether you’re looking for Troughers, Flat Carriers, Flat Returns, Picking Idlers, or Self-Aligning – you’re sure to find conveyor belt components and idlers you need. 

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