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Reliable and economical electric power is available or easily accessible at almost every plant and in most of any plant’s remote locations.  It is an efficient and readily accessible method to transmit energy to a range of electric motors including Electric Vibrators.  The use of Rotary Electric Vibratory Motors to solve bin/hopper and chute flow issues, coupled with their use in conveying, screening and sizing equipment provides many advantages to modern industry: Power to Weight Ratio – Rotary Electric Vibratory Motors efficiently convert electrical energy into rotational torque which yields up to 67100 lbs of centrifugal force output coupled with consistent and repeatable number of vibrations per minute from a lightweight, tough engineered housing.  Long Life – Rotary Electric Vibratory Motors when maintained properly can provide a 20-year service life.  Repeatability – Rotary Electric Vibratory Motors can be designed into equipment where the consistent operation is essential to enable the cost-effective production of materials that require specified size and mixture characteristics.  For 75 years we’ve helped industry take advantage of these benefits in a wide range of controlled, repeatable vibration applications.  AIRMATIC provides the largest selection of robust, cost-effective Rotary Electric Vibrators from all of the world’s leading manufacturers.  Give us a chance to solve your bulk solids flow problem and we’ll handle it.

Types of Electric Vibrators

Rotary Electric Vibrators

Electric Rotary Vibrators are ideal where the flow problem is primarily caused by a material’s particle to particle interaction forces and the material to bin wall friction of dry (≤ 5% moisture) bulk solids – the primary causes of a bulk solid’s tendency to bridge, arch, build-up or rat-hole. These relatively dry materials respond best to rotary vibration which produces an omni-directional centrifugal force that can be applied over a proportionately large surface area to transmit energy waves through a bin/chute’s steel wall directly into the material to promote flow.

Linear Electric Vibrators

Linear electromagnetic vibrators are used in a range of industries as discharge flow aids on bins, hoppers, and chutes. They are also utilized as drives on vibratory feeders, screeners, conveyors, tables, and bowl feeders. An electromagnetic design has the advantage of no rotating or sliding wear components, which in turn means they are virtually maintenance-free. 

Electric Vibrator Mounts and Brackets

A key to success in engineered vibration is proper mounting. Airmatic offers mount beam kits, plates, & brackets for mounting your electric vibrator.

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