Rotary Electric Vibrators

These robust electric rotary vibrators are manufactured with fully enclosed ductile iron housings (TENV) and are rated for continuous duty.  A long service life is ensured through scientific selection of the highest quality bearings and grease.  Some models are permanently lubricated while others are provided with external grease fittings. The centrifugal force outputs are completely adjustable and range from 9 to 67000 pounds. Heavy duty windings allow vibrations per minute (VPM) of 3600, 1800, 1200 and 900 as standard, but are fully adjustable since the vibrators are inverter rated. All standard electrical voltages and frequencies are available, and special voltages and frequencies can be ordered to suit nearly any electrical requirement. Hundreds of standard models are available, and most are offered with multiple optional features such as explosion proof ratings, stainless steel housings, extended shafts, and split weight covers for easy adjustment. Rotary electric vibrators are used in a wide range of industries and applications as discharge flow aid devices, and to power vibratory equipment, and are compatible with many standard OEM mounts, brackets, and accessories.

Types of Rotary Electric Vibrators - AC & DC

AC Vibrators

AC rotary electric vibrators from AIRMATIC are suited for indoor or outdoor operation, and wet or dusty environments. The design of the vibrators we supply allow them to be used at the maximum force setting without the need for periodic shut-down. The output force is varied with simple mechanical adjustments. Typically, the centrifugal force can be adjusted for 10% to 100% of maximum in 10% increments. Heavy duty construction ensures the vibrators will perform in any demanding industrial or construction application. Adding an AC rotary electric vibrator to any material choke point will consistently provide free flowing material.

12V & 24V DC Vibrators

These rotary electric vibrators use Direct Current (DC) electric at a low voltage to provide variable centrifugal force output. DC motors offer quick , simple installation while providing high start-up power and torque with fast starting, stopping and acceleration response time. The primary use for DC Vibrators is on a truck and mobile equipment applications ranging from dump bodies, concrete mixers and pumps, salt distribution, gravel spreaders, and hoppers, silos to dump gates. In addition, these 12V or 24V DC vibrators are offered with fixed or slotted bolt hole mount patterns which enables use in a wide range of applications. DC vibrators can also be used to move, compact, and consolidate concrete and similar materials.  

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