Bull Floats

Bull floats can vary in size, material of construction and method of operation, but all serve the purpose of smoothing and leveling the concrete surface after screeding or tamping.  AIRMATIC offers a range of bull float products tailored to different uses, from advanced vibrator driven bull floats that can handle advanced precast production projects, to manual, long-handled bull floats designed for more straightforward pour-in-place concrete projects.

Types of Concrete Bull Floats

Vibratory Bull Floats

AIRMATIC offers a Concrete Vibrating Bull Float that uses uniquely mounted, dual, adjustable-force, 115 VAC vibratory motors to generate a linear force that speeds-up and improves leveling and smoothing of concrete while also filling voids and embedding aggregate in a rapid, consistent, and productive manner.

Manual Bull Float Blades/Bars

Manual bull floats will help you with leveling and smoothing concrete but without the extra "embedding" power of a motor-operated float. These bull floats are available with magnesium or polymer blades and a variety of handle/bracket options. The blades lengths range from 24"L to as long as 192". 

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