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Types of Automatic Lubricator Accessories

Electro-Lube Adapters, Tubing & Fittings

ATS uses NPT thread sizing, so in North America adapters are rarely needed. We offer 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" tubing and hoss to enable a user to operate efficient automatic lubrication by using extended feed lines from centrally located, easy-to-service auto-lubers. Centrally located auto-lubers also minimize machinery downtime by keeping the machine running while the auto-lubers are refilled. Further, centrally located/remote lubers eliminate a potential problem in a high-vibration area.

Electro-Lube Battery Packs & Other Power Sources

Motor-driven auto-lubers come standard with an ATS OEM battery pack that lasts the life of longest lube setting (2 years) in temperatures between -4°F (-20°C) to 130°F (55°C). Replacement batteries are readily available and easy to change. It is recommended to change the battery pack upon each refill. If preferred, there are both AC power packs (120 VAC) and DC power packs (10-30 VDC) options to eliminate the need for batteries. If ON/OFF control is required, the power packs can be coupled with the ATS Remote Control option.

Electro-Lube Control Units

ATS provides four types of control units:

The Remote Control option enables a user to monitor and manage the auto-luber by allowing it to be turned ON or OFF for specific periods of time, eg, the luber operates only when the machinery does.

The Motion Control option enables a user to program the auto-luber into active mode or pause mode so that the luber maintains its regular dispensing rate, but not while the machine is idle.

The Pulse Control option enables a user to manage frequency of lubrication based on the number of rotations of the machinery rather than regularly timed options.

The Vibration Control option enables a user to put the auto-luber into “active” mode when the machinery is running and it senses vibration, or “pause” when the machinery is idle and it senses no vibration.

Electro-Lube Distribution Blocks

Providing consistent lubrication, multi-port distribution blocks are available with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 ports. Titan series or the Ultimate Luber series auto-lubers can be used to either lubricate multiple points on one machine, or supply lubrication to multiple machines.

Low Level Lubricant Sensors A wide range of high-quality accessories and replacement parts is available to make ATS Lubricators work even more efficiently and stay on the job even longer. These products are always in stock, and can be shipped to your site the day your order is received. Be sure to use genuine ATS Electro-Lube accessories and replacement parts to ensure the quality performance and long life of your ATS Automatic Lubricators!
Electro-Lube Mounts and Brackets

Available for both single and multi-port auto-lubers and offered in a range of sizes and configurations, ATS Electro-Lube mount plates enable an auto-luber to be mounted on the wall or floor, or directly onto machinery. Auto-lubers can be mounted in any direction – even upside down.

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