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An Eastern PA foundry and machining company, a world leading producer of mechanical pipe joining and flow control solutions, recognized the signs and signals that maintenance was required on a critical dust collection system.  Every few years, the finishing department’s huge dust collector must be thoroughly cleaned and serviced – and it was time.  It’s a big job that takes a week, but the only time that the plant was willing to halt production was between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The Company needed help getting the job done well in the time allowed.

Problem in more detail

Proper cleaning and servicing of the dust collector is dirty and hazardous work, but it’s critical. If the job isn’t done correctly and in a timely fashion, the company could be fined, or even shut down, by the EPA. Unfortunately, most of the work must take place in the confines of cold, metal structures much like jail cells. Personal protective equipment is essential due to the dust and hazardous materials in the environment. The task included changing out 2,160 dust bags.  Other service contractors who have agreed to take on the work have been known to walk away after seeing exactly what’s involved.


AIRMATIC Field Services took up the challenge, bringing the necessary experience and manpower to the site immediately after Christmas. Working 12-hour days with 12-man teams, they completed the job in just six days despite wintery weather conditions—one day ahead of schedule. The turnkey operation included cleaning out the hoppers, changing all 2,160 dust bags, precoating all new dust bags, and sealing the corners of all the collector cabinets to prevent moisture’s getting in. The Customer's team only needed to supply dumpsters to collect the waste. Their employees were all free to enjoy the week-long break.


By the day after New Year’s, the operation was up and running again, and team members were happy to find that the AIRMATIC service crew had not only met all expectations in regard to servicing the dust collector, but had actually left the job site cleaner than they found it.

If servicing dust collectors is something you might consider outsourcing to experts like ours at AIRMATIC, call us. We’ll Handle It.

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