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Conveyor motion controls, safety systems, and zero speed switches are used to indicate when a conveyor is operating above or below the desired speed and helps to actuate the rotating shaft. They can shut down rotating equipment to prevent damage or provide an alert for underperforming conveyors, letting the operator know they must increase RPM.

Types of Belt Conveyor Motion Controls & Safety Products

Belt Conveyor Safety Controls

Safety Controls, Speed Switches, and Damage Control help you detect belt problems before it’s too late. These controls can provide you with an alarm or automatic halt when your belt experiences blockage or damage.

Belt Conveyor Damage Controls

Keep your conveyor system running smoothly and safely with Belt Conveyor Damage Controls. These devices detect damages in the belt and alert users or stop the belt to avoid costly damage or catastrophic failure. 

Belt Conveyor Speed Switches

Protect your conveyor belt system with a conveyor belt speed switch. Program your conveyor belt speed sensor to monitor the speed of your belt, and if the belt is going too fast, too slow, or not maintaining a constant speed, you’ll be notified before a failure can occur. 

Conveyor Guarding & Walkway Protection

Our pre-engineered Guarding Panel Systems keep workers away from the hazards caused by moving belt conveyors. Our HD, lightweight, mesh-type Guard Panels are easy to install and re-install, and enable easy conveyor inspection and simple equipment maintenance. Their use not only protects workers from conveyor power systems and drive pulleys, but also against the pinch point hazards that idlers and other belt-powered, free rolling components create.

Conveyor Return Roller Guards & Baskets

Unguarded Return Rollers are hazardous to workers. They create pinch points when the belt runs. They cause a falling component hazard if their mounting fails. They trigger carryback build-up points which requires frequent clean-up. For ground-level conveyors, our cage-style Roller Guards provide protection, and their slotted mesh design provides easy inspection. For overhead conveyors, our Roller Baskets will catch a Return Roller should it break free from its mounting.

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