Conveyor belt cleaners remove unneeded residual material from bulk handling material on your conveyor belt. This material is called carryback, and it eventually falls from the conveyor belt after a return run, resulting in accumulation under the belt. The excess carryback can lead to excessive wear, build-ups on key parts of the conveyor structure, and misalignment. It can also increase power consumption. If left uncleaned, carryback accumulation can lead to serious injury, negatively impact conveyor operations, and decrease plant efficiency.

A proper conveyor belt cleaner is necessary to prevent these common problems that your belt conveyor system
can create. Some belts simply require a primary belt cleaner on the face of the head pulley or a secondary belt cleaner installed where the belt is leaving the discharge, while other belts may require a primary and a secondary cleaner (and in some applications a tertiary belt cleaner) to solve the problem—but the problem can be solved, and at a reasonable price.

Types of Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Conveyor Belt Cleaners for Head Pulleys

Properly selected, installed, and maintained, the right conveyor belt cleaner or scraper system will remove the cargo at the discharge thereby significantly reducing the costly problem of carryback material falling from the belt along its return run which leads to excessive wear, build-up on components, belt misalignment, and power consumption.

Conveyor Belt Cleaners for Tail Pulleys

Low cost protection for both the tail pulley and belt will prevent damage from lumps of fugitive material or stray conveyor components, such as tramp iron, idler rollers or cleaner blades getting caught between the belt and pulleys. V-plow and diagonal-plow cleaners simply and easily direct the unwanted material off the belt.

Conveyor Belt Cleaners for Belt Wash Systems

Wash-box systems remove residual material from belts in applications where there are concerns over environmental issues, regulations, or in situations that mandate the highest efficiency in belt cleaning. Water in the wash-box system can be substituted with a cleaning solution or with anti-freeze or dust suppressant chemicals to maximize the cleaning process. 

Replacement Blades for Belt Cleaners

No matter what brand of conveyor belt cleaners you use, we’re sure to have a replacement blade that offers some combination of improved cleaning efficiency, longer service, and/or at less cost than the blade you’re currently buying.  

Why Airmatic?

Once you’ve decided to purchase a certain product, one big question remains: Who to buy from? Usually, you have options. At AIRMATIC, we work hard every day to prove we are among the best. For starters, we have more than 75 years of experience in the business, your business. We also make a point of employing the kind of highly qualified professionals you can trust to provide good advice on the equipment and processes that will best suit your operation. We don't stop there. Many of our Customers choose to have one of our field service crews install the equipment so that it meets best practice guidelines and then service the equipment on a regular basis or as needed.  And with a good, better, best offering of belt cleaners, replacement cleaner blades, and repair parts we can provide solutions that enable you to accomplish all, or most of what you want/need at a price that’s within your budget. And our people don’t just advise you from afar. They’ll come to your plant and talk with your team on the ground or meet with your team virtually if you prefer. Talk with us for all the details. 

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