Types of Conveyor Belt Cleaners for Head Pulleys


Installed on the face of the head-pulley, this group of belt scrapers is positioned to reduce carryback material by removing the majority of it at the discharge. In this install position, the cleaners can serve as a pre-cleaner in a multi-cleaner system or as a standalone cleaner.


Installed where the belt leaves the discharge pulley, this group of belt cleaners is positioned and tensioned to scrape-off residual carryback material in a multi-cleaner system, or act as a standalone belt scraper for belts carrying dry materials.

Brush Style Belt Cleaner

Installed close to the head pulley, this group of specialty belt cleaners, classified as rotary cleaners are effective on dry materials and on belts, modified to have uneven belt profiles such as ribs, pockets, molded shapes or some other raised or indented type surface


An essential item in any conveyor belt scraper installation is a correctly chosen and well-maintained tensioner. The right tensioners will maintain consistent pressure to keep blades against the conveyor belt for the most effective cleaning – regardless of the blade’s wear level. 

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