Types of Concrete Screeds

Vibratory Screeds for Precast Concrete

A Concrete Vibrating Screed that uses dual, counter-rotating, 115 VAC, synchronized vibratory motors uniquely mounted to 6"W x 4"H x 6'L to 18'L aluminum beam to self-propel the Screed down the form as it quietly spreads, consolidates, levels, and surface finishes conventional, high-flow and self-compacting concrete. Uniform vibration for rapid and consistent concrete finishing without the injury and fatigue-causing action of pulling/pushing a screed the length of the bed.

Power Screeds for Pour-in-Place Concrete

Our supplier’s power screeds (also called floating screeds) are indispensable tools in construction and concrete finishing. Their efficiency and precision make them a preferred choice over manual methods. By eliminating the laborious hand leveling, they accelerate the leveling process, saving time and reducing fatigue. The vibrating motion ensures a more even and compacted surface, enhancing concrete strength and durability. Whether in large-scale projects or small DIY endeavors, a power screed guarantees smoother, flatter, and more professional concrete surfaces, achieving superior results with minimal effort and resources.

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