Electric Concrete Form Vibrators 

For quiet and efficient delivery of proper form vibration, AIRMATIC carries fixed (3,600; 6,000; 9,000 VPM) and variable speed (1,200 to 6,000 VPM) external concrete form vibrators to meet the needs of any application. Centrifugal force (CF) ranges from 1,342 to 11,660 lb-ft and will be specified to match each application. With the most complete line of quick change and permanent mount electric rotary vibrators, you’re sure to find what you need to automate your concrete consolidation process.  

Types of Concrete Form Vibrators - Electric

Standard Frequency Vibrators

The right frequency and force output for the job makes all the difference when consolidating concrete. Ensure concrete strength by settling and removing entrapped air with a standard frequency rotary electric form vibrator. Concrete can contain up to 20% trapped air after being placed, but by applying proper vibration to the form, concrete can be strengthened by up to 5% for every 1% of air that is removed. AIRMATIC has both the experience and the fixed or variable speed concrete form vibrators with the centrifugal force you need to properly apply vibration to concrete.

High Frequency Vibrators & Converters

Whatever the job requirements, AIRMATIC’s high-frequency vibrators and inverters can handle it. Our variable (1,200 to 6,000 VPM) and fixed (6,000 and 9,000 VPM) speed concrete vibrators, with centrifugal force (CF) output ranging from 1,342 to 11,660 lb-ft, are ideal for compacting precast concrete, refractory materials, and other similar materials poured in forms or molds. AIRMATIC’s frequency inverters allow you to generate this high level of speed safely, and with ease. Moreover, the robust construction of each unit provides longevity and rugged durability for long life and low maintenance costs. 

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