Applying vibration to the exterior of your form or mold to consolidate concrete is increasingly recognized as the superior method of producing higher quality precast products.  Form vibrators assure less entrapped air, fewer cavities and voids, improved adhesion to rebar and structural inserts, greater weather resistant product,  and improved finish.  The force and speed of both pneumatic and electric vibrators can be tuned to the form and the type of mix used; the vibration time can be controlled; and the labor and experience/expertise factor of using internal vibrators is eliminated.  Common defects such as honeycombing, rock pockets, "bugholes", sand streaks, pour lines and voids are completely avoidable when the concrete is properly vibrated during the pour.

Types of External Concrete Form Vibrators

Concrete Form Vibrators - Pneumatic

Applying proper vibration to concrete forms reduces entrapped air and strengthens the final product. Pneumatic Form Vibrators operate on 60-90 PSI, making it easier in locations where compressed air is the best option. They vibrate the Form, which in turn excites the concrete. They have been successfully used in concrete sections as think as 24" and up to 30" deep. Pneumatic Form Vibrators are usually either rotary type or reciprocating type.

Concrete Form Vibrators - Electric

Electric concrete form vibrators are known to be both quiet and cost-effective. However, having the right frequency and force output to meet needs is even more essential to properly and fully consolidating fresh concrete. If the speed is too low or too high, the potential for damaged or improperly consolidated concrete increases. Just as important is sizing the centrifugal force (CF) to match the application. So, whether you are looking for standard frequency (3,600 VPM) or high-frequency (1,200 to 6,000 VPM-variable; 6,000 VPM, and 9,000 VPM-fixed) vibrators, with CF ranging from 1,342 to 11,600 lb-ft and inverters to properly vibrate forms, AIRMATIC has all the concrete compacting and finishing tools you need.

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