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Will A Rheostat Adjust RPM On Single-Phase Vibrators?

By Rob Beiersdorfer

The answer to this question depends on the type of the single-phase rotary electric vibrator being used. You cannot change speed on all single-phase vibratory motors. While some single-phase vibrator manufacturers allow the use of a rheostat on their motors, most do not.

First, find out if the vibrator you are using is designed to have its RPM adjusted via a rheostat (if you have the make and model, we can help). If the answer is yes, then you must still be aware that as a rheostat drops the voltage, it also drops the starting torque. In most cases, this drop in starting torque cannot be overcome by the vibrator. An offset-weight style vibrator requires a tremendous amount of torque to start. Therefore, we always recommend that you start even a vibrator approved for use with a rheostat with the rheostat set at maximum RPM. Then, slow the vibrator down to the speed required for the job.

It is also important to remember that most single-phase vibratory motors require capacitors for start-up and/or operation. The capacitor requirement means the rheostat used must be compatible with capacitor operation. Typically, this type of motor would require a change in frequency, not a change in voltage. If you are varying speed using a frequency-varying controller,be very careful about the amount of torque required to safely operate the vibrator without damaging it.

Simply stated, make sure a manufacturer allows variable speed operation of their single-phase vibrators before attempting to operate at a modified speed.

Rob Beiersdorfer is Vibration Products Manager at AIRMATIC and has over 30 years of applied vibration experience in a wide range of industries.

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