Job Posting: Welder Mechanic

AIRMATIC, Malvern PA, is recruiting a skilled Welder living within an hour of our Malvern headquarters to join our Field Service Team.  We install bulk materials handling equipment in the Middle Atlantic and New England States. We are looking for a hard-working professional who enjoys meeting challenges and exceeding Customer expectations. Our skilled Welder has experience in multi-arc welding processes, a combination Welder who is practiced in SMAW (STICK), GMAW (MIG), FCAW (FluxCore), GTAW (TIG) and Oxygen/Acetylene Flame Cutting and Carbon Arc Gouging. We're searching for a long-term Team member who is looking for a secure and rewarding employment opportunity.


  • Follow MIG, TIG, and/or SMAW/STICK welding procedure specifications to efficiently produce quality welds in flat, vertical and overhead positions
  • Read and interpret project plans, blueprints, diagrams, and written instructions describing assigned tasks
  • Perform or assist with fit-up and preparation of weld, such as debur, grind, chip and hammer workpieces, to achieve proper surface
  • Lay-out, position, align and secure parts and assemblies prior to assembly using straightedges, combination squares, calipers, flange line-up pins, wrap arounds, center finders and rulers
  • Examine workpieces for defects and measure workpieces with straightedges or templates to ensure conformance with specifications
  • Clamp, hold, tack-weld, heat bend, grind, or bolt components parts to obtain required configurations and positions for welding
  • Inspect grooves, angles or gap allowances to meet specification using micrometer, caliper and precision instruments
  • Perform or assist with post weld clean-up, inspection and repair
  • Assist with general site work such as loading and unloading equipment and materials, site preparation and clean-up, mobilization and demobilization to and from job site, scaffolding erection and other construction site tasks and duties as assigned
  • Perform firefighting duties if necessary
  • Maintain work area(s), assigned vehicle(s) and equipment, tools and supplies in a neat, orderly, good working order and safe condition

Position Requirements:

  • Pass AWS D1.1 SMAW 3G & 4G combo welding tests
  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Three (3) or more years of welding experience in cement, chemical, refining or similar manufacturing industries
  • Pass background, and drug and alcohol screening. NOTE: AIRMATIC has a comprehensive drug policy which includes random testing.
  • Work at least an 8-hour shift and up to a 12-hour shift, which may include some weekends and holidays. NOTE: Overtime may be required.
  • Work in enclosed spaces, such as tanks, bins and silos
  • Wear fire retardant clothing and personal protection equipment, such as steel-toe work boots, hardhats, ear and eye protection
  • Lift a minimum of 50-pounds and climb up to 250-ft in height
  • Maintain facial hair daily so that a respirator/facemask can seal properly – this may require being free of facial hair and/or being clean shaven
  • Work outside in harsh weather conditions, or inside in hot, humid conditions
  • Freely comply with all MSHA, OSHA, Customer site, and AIRMATIC safety rules, regulations and procedures. Perform all work qualified and trained to do safely in a manner that protects him/herself, fellow employees and all other Workers on the site
  • Adhere to AIRMATIC Code of Professional Conduct
  • Recognize and accept the business principle that providing great customer service is a job #1 for every AIRMATIC Associate
  • Detail oriented, well organized, neat and orderly
  • Carry-out complex oral and written instructions given by Site Foreman, General Foreman and authorized AIRMATIC representatives.
  • Promote a positive working environment in order to achieve AIRMATIC goals

NOTE:  While the majority of work is at Customer locations in the new England states, some         projects might require short-term traveling, for example, one to two weeks, but we   pay all travel expenses including lodging and meals.

Appropriate Skills, Attributes, and Interests:

  • Desire and ability to work in a culture that rewards sound judgement, initiative, taking responsibility, honesty, passion and hard work
  • Good oral, written, listening and interpersonal communication skills combined with an energetic, friendly and outgoing disposition
  • Display a strong work ethic – punctuality, integrity, personal responsibility, emphasis on quality, discipline, and sense of teamwork
  • Embrace a culture that values cathedral builders – not brick layers

AIRMATIC provides ongoing business skills training, product training, coaching and mentoring support to help elevate both our Associates and our Company.

Hours & Compensation:

  • An AIRMATIC Welder will receive a competitive compensation. Pay rate will be established upon successful completion of trade and welding tests.
  • AIRMATIC offers a Comprehensive Benefits Package which includes Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Paid Vacation and Sick Benefits; Flex Benefits Plan; 401(k) Plan and Profit Sharing.
  • AIRMATIC provides seasonal work clothing, PPE and other safety equipment, and mechanic's hand and power tools.

About our Company:

AIRMATIC is a fourth-generation company founded in 1944, is an industry-leading supplier of mechanical products and services to the industrial, construction and utility markets.  To learn more about us, visit us at


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