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How Do Belt Conveyors Work?

AIRMATIC is an industrial distributor that makes it easy for companies to manage their production and maintenance operations and get quick repairs. Serving the industrial community since 1944, AIRMATIC offers industrial vibrators and air cannon, bin monitoring equipment, silo cleaning, dust collection equipment, process valves, and railcar opening and unloading equipment, belt conveyor components and accessories for bulk material handling users including conveyor belt repair. One service the company offers is working on belt conveyors to maximize their efficiency.

Belt Conveyors are a system that utilizes a textured belt on rolling components to transport bulk solids from one place to another. They are run by a motor or drive and supported by rotating idlers – as the idlers turn, the belt turns as well, moving the conveyed material with a smooth rolling motion.

The belt should be tight enough against the idlers to keep it in place without hindering the forward motion. Belt tension can be manually adjusted by the user at any time and generally does not need professional maintenance; however, the belt may rip or there may be an issue with one of the drives or other components, which would require the kind of outside expertise that AIRMATIC provides.

A fine-tuned belt conveyor with properly fitted and functioning components should run smoothly, generate little noise and cause minimal dust with no jumping or hitching. Belt conveyors can be short, narrow and relatively slow, or very long, very wide and very fast such as the ones used in steel and mining industries.


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