What’s In Our New Concrete Industry Brochure?

Are you one of our friends and customers in the concrete industry? Then stick around for some good news. AIRMATIC Inc. has released our brand-new concrete industry brochure, complete with more information and an updated design. Take a look at what we have to offer:

Rebar Connection Systems – Why go through the costly, labor-intensive, and potentially unsafe process of tying rebar with wire ties when there’s a simpler, safer and faster option available? Our cost-efficient rebar connecting systems from Kodi Klip® and Max® get the job done quickly and safely.

Portable Compressed Air Systems –
Take your air power supply anywhere with high pressure compressors and portable compressed air tanks from Komptec® and Turanair®.

Form & Bin Vibrators – For smooth finishes and optimal consolidation, AIRMATIC offers vibrators from Cougar®, Vibratek®, Workmaster®, and Italvibras®. Our cradle lug brackets also offer stable, quick chance vibrator mounting.

Internal Concrete Vibrators – Energy-efficient, ergonomic, and consistent, unstoppable speed — that’s the name of the game when it comes to our internal vibrators from Wyco®, Oztec® and Wacker®.

Dust Control & Collection – Airborne particles are a major safety and cleanliness threat to any facility that deals with concrete transport. Wam® dust collection and control systems will eliminate safety concerns and keep your facility spotless.

Valves – Our friction-reducing butterfly valves from Posi-Flate® and the WAM® standard duty butterfly valves, slide valves, and spring loaded pressure relief valves give users complete control of the filling and emptying of hoppers and silos containing cement or similar materials.

Bin Level Indicators – Ensure precise level measurement and monitoring with point level controls continuous measurement and inventory management systems from Binmaster®.

Screw Conveyors & Feeders – Trust Wam®’s cement screw conveyors, feeders and screw lift systems for concrete batch processing. We feature screw feeders for use with both cement and micro silica.

Automatic Lubrication Systems – The automatic lubricators in our catalogue all deliver consistent lubrication over long intervals, as opposed to occasional manual lubrication that results in inconsistencies and loss of efficiency.

Personal Protection Systems – It’s impossible to excel when safety comes second to anything else. Our ANSI-compliant lightweight hardhats and bumpcaps from MPS-Centurion® keep your employees protected where it counts, and are designed for maximum comfort.


For the full details, download our brand-new concrete industry brochure or give AIRMATIC Inc. a call at 800-332-9770.

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