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Airmatic’s MATERIALS MANAGEMENT GROUP is actively engaged in industries which: Transport, Store, Convey, and Process Powders and Bulk Solids; and its TOOL GROUP with industries which: Produce, Fabricate, Assemble, or Maintain Industrial and Construction Equipment and Machinery. We participate, either independently or in conjunction with our Core Product Suppliers, in regional and national trade shows, and Customer Trade Association meetings in which we bring new ideas, products, and services to help our Customers increase productivity, decrease maintenance costs, and provide a safer, cleaner work environment. Here is our current Trade Show Schedule. If you are planning on attending or need more information contact us at or call 888.842.2525

Products we Exhibit

WORKMASTER: WORKMASTER® is a manufacturer of unloading equipment for hopper bottom railcars, and other powder and bulk solids handling equipment for industrial, utility and construction applications.

KODI KLIP: The KODI KLIP® System is the fastest, safest, and most secure rebar connecting device in the world. Made in America, the KLIPs are non-corrosive, capture the rebar at all 4 corners of the cross section, and eliminate worker cuts, abrasions and lost time injuries. The KODI KLIP® System is not only 5-8 times faster than manual wire tying methods, but also 2-3 times faster than tie wire guns.

T-FORCE: The T-FORCE Portable Air Supply System was developed to be a military-grade system completely portable, environmentally friendly, high-pressure compressed air energy supply system.

KOMPTEC COMPRESSORS: The KOMPTEC® KT 90 is a portable, lightweight, high-pressure, 3-Stage air compressor designed for fast, reliable service in a wide range of applications requiring compressed air storage bottles and tanks including the T-FORCE® Air Supply System.


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World of Concrete 2017
KODI KLIP® Rebar Connecting Tools; T-FORCE & KOMPTEC Portable Air & Compressor System; Mold/Form Vibrators
January 17-20,2017
Las Vegas Convention | Las Vegas, NV


WORKMASTER® Unloading Products

February 25 – 28, 2017
Kansas City Convention Center | Kansas City, KS

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2017 Precast Show
KODI KLIP® Rebar Connecting Tools; T-FORCE & KOMPTEC Portable Air & Compressor System; Mold/Form Vibrators
March 2 – 4 March , 2017
Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland | Cleveland, OH

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